1. Data controller


The data controller is Sociedad Estatal Correos y Telégrafos, S.A., S.M.E. (hereinafter ‘Correos’), holder of VAT no. A-83052407, with registered office at Vía Dublín nº 7 (Campo de las Naciones) 28070 Madrid (Spain).

To ensure the proper management of such processing, Correos has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO), whom you can contact for any question you may have in relation to your data at the following email address: dpdgrupocorreos@correos.com.

2. Data source, purpose and legitimacy of the processing

Correos may obtain your data from the following sources:

  1. Personal data received from the interested party themselves, when they contact us through any of the communication channels established for the solicitation of our services.
  2. Personal data obtained from other sources:
  • From time to time, it may be necessary for you to provide us with the personal and contact details of third parties, such as first name, last name, postal address, email address, contact telephone number and other details or equivalent means of contact of third parties. Correos will only process this data for the purposes of maintaining the requested agreement. Additionally, with the aim of better service provision, the telephone number or email address may be used to inform the recipient of estimated delivery dates and deal with any incidents that could affect the recipient.

In this regard, the customer guarantees that the recipient’s data is true and up to date and, where appropriate, ensures that all of the obligations in terms of data protection attributable to the customer have been fulfilled, such as obtaining the consent of the recipient to allow Correos to carry out the processing set out in the preceding paragraphs, if such consent is necessary.

  • In addition to the previous case, third parties, such as operators or travel agencies with which Correos has established collaboration agreements, may communicate your data to us so that we can provide you with the provision of our services within the framework of the contract you have signed with them. 


The processing of your data has the following purposes:

A. Provision of the ‘El Camino con Correos’ service

Your data will be processed to: (i) To provide the carrier service selected by the user within those offered under the name ‘El Camino con Correos’, in accordance with the provisions of its Special Conditions; (ii) To provide the left-luggage service if it has been purchased in accordance with the terms and conditions of the service; (iii) to process and respond to their doubts, queries or complaints.

B. Offers and promotions in relation to ‘El Camino con Correos’ and similar products and services

Correos may send you, via electronic channels, commercial information about ‘El Camino con Correos’ offers and promotions or other products or services similar to ‘El Camino con Correos’.

You may decline to receive commercial messages of this type using any of the following methods:

  • By checking the opposition box provided at the time of collecting your personal data when contracting the service.
  • By e-mail addressed to derechos.protecciondatos.correos@correos.com
  • Using the cancellation options included in all commercial messages.
  1. Offers and promotions related to Correos’ other products and services

In the event that you give your consent, Correos may send you, through electronic or non-electronic channels, commercial information related to the provision, improvement and updating of our products and services, new prices and discounts.

This commercial information may be generic or personalised. In the latter case, it will involve prior processing of your data in order to profile and establish customer portfolios, determine tastes, preferences and needs and, based on these, identify the offers that may be more interesting.

D. Offers and promotions in relation to Correos Group companies and third-party companies

In the event that you give your consent, in addition to sending the information resulting from the visit, Correos may send you offers and promotions by any electronic or non-electronic channel:

  • Correos Group companies in sectors such as parcels, logistics, marketing and telecommunications, and services that provide added value to the postal service.
  • Other companies with which Correos has signed different collaboration agreements and which may belong to sectors such as telecommunications, finance, consumer, health and NGOs.

This commercial information may be generic or personalised. In the latter case, it will involve prior processing of your data in order to profile and establish customer portfolios, determine tastes, preferences and needs and, based on these, identify the offers that may be more interesting.

E. Communication of data to other Correos Group companies and third-party companies

In the event that you give your consent, in addition to sending the information resulting from the visit, Correos may communicate your data to the companies of the Correos Group and to third companies whose sectors are detailed in the previous purpose so that these companies can send you, directly and without the intermediation of Correos, offers and promotions relating to their products and services.

F. Enriching your information

If you give your consent, Correos may obtain more information about your characteristics, tastes and needs through the information provided by different external sources such as Public Registers, Land Register, Social Media, geomarketing tools, economic information databases such as INFORMA, credit information files such as ASNEF, BADEXCUG, etc., with the aim of introducing improvements to our products and services and/or adapting or choosing the products and service offers that best fit your specific profile.

G. Complying with legal obligations

Among the different legal obligations that Correos assumes are those derived from the application of postal regulations (Ley 43/2010 del servicio postal universal, de los derechos de los usuarios y del mercado postal [Law 43/2010 of 30 December on the Universal Postal Service, Rights of Users and the Postal Market]) and the duty of secrecy of communications (article 18 of the Constitution), as well as tax regulations.

In compliance with these obligations, Correos may communicate your data to Public Authorities and the courts, provided that such information is required in accordance with established legal processes.

H. Statistical information and satisfaction surveys

Correos has a legitimate interest in knowing both the opinion of its customers regarding its products and services and their consumption habits (e.g. frequency/recurrence in the contracting of different services) in order to be able to offer products and services that are more tailored to their needs and to improve both current products and services and their contracting process.

To achieve the objective set out in the previous paragraph, Correos may process their data and:

  • Carry out satisfaction surveys both by telephone and electronic means, even once they stop being a customer, in the latter case to find out why they discontinued their use of the products and services.

In the event that during the satisfaction survey the customer expresses an opinion about the products and services of any Correos Group companies, the result of the survey and the participant’s identification data may be communicated to the Correos Group company whose services were rated.

  • Proceed to make them anonymous, so that the information on their consumption habits cannot be linked again with their person and, after that, perform statistical and econometric studies (e.g. finding out the customer’s life cycle and/or identifying models of propensity to switch). 

3. Type of data processed

For the purposes set out in the previous section, a set of personal data that we can divide into the following sources and categories is processed:


At the time of registration and/or during the service request itself, through the completion of the forms enabled for this purpose.

The customer guarantees that the data provided to Correos for the provision of the requested services is true and that any change that affects it will be communicated. Consequently, the customer will be answerable to Correos and third parties for any damage or losses caused as a result of non-compliance with the obligations assumed in this clause.


All data that Correos collects from the type of external sources listed in purpose 2.E. in the event that the customer has given consent.


Including information such as the history of contracted products and services and their characteristics, claims or requests for information, etc. 

4. Data retention period

For a period of 6 months from the moment users request cancellation of the service, Correos will offer them the possibility of recovering their old account. After this period, the data will be deleted in accordance with the provisions of data protection regulations, meaning that it will be firstly blocked and only available at the request of Judges and the courts, the Prosecution Service and competent Public Authorities during the limitation period for actions that may arise, and then completely deleted. Limitation periods vary depending on the type of service, for example, in general, the limitation period for most personal civil actions is five years.

Correos will also block any customers who remain inactive for a period of five years. Users registered with the services for the Camino de Santiago who have not used it to send or receive parcels for more than five years will be considered inactive customers.

5. Your rights

Our data protection regulations provide you with a series of rights in relation to the processing of data for our services. They can be summarised as follows:

- Right of access: You can find out the kind of data we are processing and the characteristics of the processing we are carrying out.

- Right of rectification: You can request the correction of any of your data that is inaccurate or untrue.

- Right of portability: You can obtain a copy of the data being processed in an interoperable format.

- Right to restrict processing in the cases included in the Law.

- Right of erasure: You can request the erasure of your data when processing is no longer necessary.

- Right to object: This right allows you, for example, to request that we cease to send you commercial communications.

- Right to withdraw consent.

You may exercise your rights via any of the following channels:

Postal Address: Vía Dublín nº 7 (Campo de las Naciones) 28070 Madrid (Spain)

Email: derechos.protecciondatos.correos@correos.com

Moreover, all electronic commercial messages include a cancellation link or similar that allows you, if you so desire, to cease receiving these messages.

On the website of the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD), you can find a series of forms that will help you to exercise your rights. We also inform you that you have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority (in Spain, the AEPD) if you believe your rights have been infringed.

Transfer Rucksack


We transfer your rucksack

So that you can travel light along the Camino de Santiago


We transfer your rucksack or suitcase from your accommodation at one stage to the next!! This way, your walk is more comfortable, your bag is lighter and you can enjoy every step of the Camino. We will take your luggage every day to your next hostel or hotel.

Send Bicycle


Bicycle transportation services 

We send your bicycle to your starting or finishing point


Decide where you want to start the Camino and we will send your bicycle there from any branch of Correos. Once you finish the Camino de Santiago you can go to the nearest post office and send it back home again. Your bicycle will be insured and we package your bike without disassembling it.

Send luggage to Santiago


Luggage transfer

For everything you want in or out of your rucksack 


With our Paq Peregrino you can send suitcases or parcels to any point along the Camino (hostels, hotels, branches of Correos, etc) so that you have your personal belongings when you arrive. You can therefore have extra clothes or other items and not only the ones you carry along the Way. You can also send back whatever you have in your daily rucksack that you no longer need.

Prepaid Payment Card


Prepaid Card

So that you have nothing to worry about other than just enjoying the Camino 


Correos offers a prepaid card that is not linked to a bank account. In this way, you can defort walk the Camino without taking your credit or debit cards with you. You only have to put the money on the card that you are going to need and then top up again if your balance is low. This is a simple, safe and comfortable way of taking your money along the Camino.


Pilgrimage Stamps


Stamping Your Credential

So that you have the best stamps on your Pilgrim's Passport 

Branches of Correos along the Camino de Santiago stamp your Credential or Pilgrim's Passport with our special stamps. Many of these stamps represent important tourist attractions from that particular place to help you remember your jorney.


Send Parcels


Sending parcels along the Camino de Santiago 

Send your parcels without having to go along to a branch of Correos!


You can send a parcel from any of the over one-hundred branches of CORREOS located along the Camino de Santiago and additionally from some of our “Tiendas Amigas del Camino”, a network of shops and accommodation from where you can send parcels any time of the day. This service will help you to get rid of things from your luggage that you no longer need. You can also buy souvenirs or some typical products without having to worry about carrying them with you. 


Luggage Storage


Lockers in Santiago

So that you can freely visit the Cathedral or enjoy the city

Our Pilgrim's Office at Rúa do Franco, 150 metres from the Plaza del Obradoiro, has lockers. You can leave your rucksack, suitcase, bike or trekking pole before you go into the Cathedral or you can wander around Santiago without having to worry about your luggage.

Correos Offices


Correos Branches

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We have over 150 branches of Correos along all the Caminos. We will be delighted to welcome you and help you with anything you need.