You can send your rucksack, suitcase or your bicycle to a Correos office from any of the 2,000 Correos offices on the Camino so that it is there when you arrive.

Before you leave home, you can send a suitcase to the Correos office where you want to finish your pilgrimage with everything you need. We will keep it there for you until you arrive.

Rucksacks are not allowed inside the Cathedral. You can leave yours in our luggage storage at Rúa do Franco, (150 metres away from the Cathedral) to enjoy the city without a care. We also store your bicycle or trekking pole.

We will take you rucksack or suitcase from section to section with our Paq Mochila.

We have over one hundred offices on the Way where we can help you and also stamp your Credencial. Many of them have special stamps related to the Camino.

In Santiago de Compostela, in our office at Rúa do Franco, 4 (150 metres away from the Cathedral) we will help you:

  • Send your bicycle to any destination in Spain and Europe.
  • Send your suitcase, rucksack or trekking pole back home.
  • Collect your suitcases and parcels sent from Roncesvalles or any other point.
  • Use our luggage storage.
  • Send any type of parcel.
  • Buy stamps and send your postcards.