Send pilgrim staff

Send pilgrim staff

Send poles Camino de Santiago

We send the bordon, pilgrim staff or trekking poles

We send your pilgrim bordon, pilgrim staff, hiking poles or trekking sticks wherever you want.

The bordon or pilgrim staff is one of the great symbols of the Camino de Santiago. In addition to being one of the key elements of the pilgrim's clothing, the emotional bond established with the bordon is undeniable. He accompanies us throughout the Route, becoming an inseparable friend who is difficult to leave.

At Correos we are aware of this union between the pilgrim and his staff. Therefore, at the end of your Camino de Santiago you can go to one of our offices in Santiago de Compostela (Rúa do Franco, 4 and Rúa Carretas, 29) or in Fisterra (Rúa A Coruña s/n) and send your pilgrim staff to any point of Spain or other international destinations.

Remember that if you travel by plane, the staff or bordon cannot travel in the cabin, so you will have to invoice or send them beforehand.

You can also send your walking sticks from any post office. We have trapezoidal boxes from the Forest Line (Línea Bosques) adapted to your hiking stick or bordon. You can get them at any post office or online store.

With these packages, made with environmentally friendly and carbon-neutral materials, we will make it easier for you to send the poles while contributing to a sustainable Camino.

Ask for the price in your office, since it varies according to size and weight.

Relevant information about send pilgrim staff

Both the traditional staff and the hiking stick are suitable for doing the Camino de Santiago.

Poles tend to be lighter and have more comfortable grips. However, the staff is the traditional element of the pilgrim and one of the great symbols of the Camino de Santiago. In addition, many pilgrims establish a strong emotional bond with the staff, becoming an inseparable companion on their Camino.

Correos facilitates the sending of the pilgrim's staff or staff through its packaging of the ecologic Forest Line (Línea Bosques).

The price varies according to the destination, size and weight. We recommend asking the price to send your staff to the nearest post office. When you arrive in Santiago you can do it at the office at Rúa do Franco, 4, just 2 minutes' walk from the Cathedral, or at the one located at the Pilgrim's Office (Rúa Carretas, 29).

The staff is a cane designed especially for the pilgrim on the Camino de Santiago. It is a straight and long rod made of resistant wood and of a certain thickness.

It became popular in the Middle Ages and has survived to this day as an indispensable part of the pilgrim's clothing.

In recent years, pilgrims have been replacing the traditional staff with trekking poles or telescopic sticks, designed for hikers or mountaineers.

The pilgrim staff is of great help on the Camino de Santiago. It represents a third point of support for the peregrine, which helps to improve balance on ups and downs, relieves part of the work of muscles and joints, can be used as a defensive element against some animals and serves to mark the step.

Carrying one or two walking sticks on the Camino de Santiago is a very personal choice. The general recommendation is to go accompanied by the staff or a hiking stick. The two poles are usually more necessary on the GR or mountain paths and not so much on the Jacobean Routes.

Sticks are prohibited in the aircraft cabin, whether staves or collapsible, with or without a rubber tip, inside or outside the backpack, according to regulations.

To avoid problems, it is best to check them together with your backpack or suitcase. If you are not going to invoice, we recommend that you go to a post office and send your staff.