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Pilgrimage Stamps

Stamps Camino de Santiago

Stamps of the Camino de Santiago

The history of stamps and the Camino de Santiago has always been very close. From the first stamp dedicated to a Holy Year in 1937 to the present day, the Way has featured in a number of different stamps.

The Camino de Santiago itself has a specific stamp, issued in 2016. It depicts the main façade of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, welcoming the pilgrims, and features the traditional scallop shell.

On the occasion of the Xacobeo 2021-2022, Correos has made a very special issue: a commemorative stamp starring Floreano, one of the most beloved characters of the Galician press. 

Created by the cartoonist Gogue, Floreano has made the leap from the pages of Faro de Vigo to become a pilgrim, with his cape, staff and pumpkin. The stamp can be purchased online at the Pilgrim's Store of Correos. It can also be purchased at any of our offices. In Santiago de Compostela (Rúa do Franco, 4) is available until July 27 the special postmark that accompanies this stamp dedicated to the Xacobeo 21-22.

Santiago de Compostela, as the destination of all the Ways, is also the main feature of a stamp dedicated to World Heritage, where the main subjects are the St. James the Apostle, the Cathedral and the city itself.

The most recent stamps with a Santiago de Compostela theme are those belonging to the series on The Routes of Northern Spain, an original stamp that pays homage to the most emblematic places on each of these routes, which were declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2015.

The series was launched with the Coastal Way in the form of a card stamped with the profile of the northern coast of the Peninsula, including 8 stamps with highlights such as the Monastery of Zenarruza, the Collegiate Church of Santillana del Mar, the Monastery of Santa María la Real de Valdediós or the front of the Hostal de los Reyes Católicos in Santiago.

The second card is dedicated to the Primitive Way, the route from Oviedo to Santiago de Compostela. The stamps feature motifs that are characteristic of this route, such as the figure of King Alfonso II, the pioneer of this route, the cathedrals of Oviedo and Lugo and the cruceiro at Melide.

The third is dedicated to the Lebaniego Way, a route that runs through Cantabria. The stamp card dedicated to the Lebaniego Way also consists of eight stamps, featuring two of the route's gems: the church of Santa María de los Ángeles, in San Vicente de la Barquera, and the church of Santo Toribio in Liébana.

The series closes with a fourth philatelic card dedicated to the Inland Way of the Basque Country and La Rioja. On this occasion, the protagonists of the stamps are the Church of Our Lady of La Asunción in La Puebla de Arganzón, the Juncal church of Irún, the Santo Domingo de la Calzada Cathedral and the New Cathedral of Vitoria.

The collection dedicated to the Camino de Santiago features different stamps on which the protagonists are prominent Jacobean figures, monasteries, churches and even distinctive monuments on the routes: from the Collegiate Church of Santillana del Mar to the Templar Castle of Ponferrada, to the Hostal de San Marcos in León or various cathedrals such as those in León, Burgos, Oviedo or Jaca.

Philatelic Credential

Philatelic Credential Correos

Lovers of stamps and the Camino de Santiago can have a very special companion on the road: the Philatelic Credential, a tribute to the card that all pilgrims must have stamped during their Camino de Santiago.

The Philatelic Credential features 15 stamps from Correos that include some of the most emblematic stages of the French Way, from Roncesvalles to Santiago, passing through Pamplona, Burgos, León, Astorga, Ponferrada or O Cebreiro.

This document is not a replacement for the credential issued by the Cathedral of Santiago or the Associations of Friends of the Way to earn the Compostela. Nevertheless, it will offer you a very special memento of your Way.

As with the official Credential, the Philatelic Credential can be stamped at Associations of Friends of the Way, in local parishes and in Correos Offices along the French Way.

The Correos Offices in the towns that feature on a stamp of the Philatelic Card also have tourist postmarks that depict the great architectural richness of these places. The first of these postmarks can be found at the office of Burguete (2.5 km from Roncesvalles).

When you arrive in Santiago, come to our Left-Luggage Service at the Office in Rúa do Franco 4, just 2 minutes from the Cathedral. There you can stamp one last special two-colour postmark next to the Camino de Santiago stamp, thus certifying your 'Philatelic Pilgrimage'.

Where can I get a Philatelic Credential? You can get yours at these Correos Offices located along the French Way, at the offices in Bilbao and San Sebastián and at the offices at Chamartín station in Madrid and at Terminal 1 of Barajas airport.

Credential and box
15€ (including VAT)

Philatelic book

Philatelic Credential Correos

On the occasion of the Compostela Holy Year, Correos has launched the philatelic book 'El Camino de Santiago. Sello a sello', a thematic book aimed at philatelic collectors.

This book offers a journey along the Camino de Santiago through the texts of 13 authors and the beautiful illustrations of Alicia Aradilla.

At the end of the book, Camino lovers will have a very special compilation: the reproduction of all the Jacobean stamps issued to date, in addition to the Xacobeo 2021 commemorative stamp itself and the 2018 Artist's Proof of the Cathedral of Santiago with reproduction of the stamp in silver.

The Camino de Santiago philatelic book comes with three Alicia Aradilla's illustrations as a gift, with an image of the Cathedral of Santiago, another of a detail of the Pórtico de la Gloria and another with a landscape of the Camino.

The Camino de Santiago philatelic book can be purchased at the Correos Online Shop.

Tarjeta del Camino Portugués

Portuguese Way Card

The Portuguese Way has its own Tarjeta del Camino Portugués, a philatelic journey through the different stages of the route between Tui and Santiago de Compostela.

The Portuguese Way Card is a postcard that outlines the Jacobean route with its corresponding stages and seven stamps featuring the distinctive aspects of each town: Tui, O Porriño, Redondela, Pontevedra, Caldas de Reis, Padrón and Santiago de Compostela.

The pilgrim will be able to certify their journey through the different villages of the Portuguese route as they pass through Galicia while discovering the attractions of each one of them: the International Bridge of Tui; the building of the Porriño Town Hall, designed by the architect Antonio Palacios; the beautiful view of the Vigo estuary and the island of San Simón from Redondela; the church of La Peregrina in Pontevedra; the bridge of Bermaña in Caldas de Reis, the Pedrón de Padrón and the Holy Door of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

To complete the Tarjeta del Camino Portugués, special tourist stamps are issued to mark the start and end of the stage with the footprints left by the pilgrim.

As with the Philatelic Card, the Tarjeta del Camino Portugués does not replace the Pilgrim's Credential at any time, but is a nice souvenir for the pilgrim and a collector's item for the stamp lovers.

Tourist Postmarks of the Camino

In many of the 150 Correos offices along the different routes of the Camino de Santiago, we have tourist postmarks that illustrate the great architectural, artistic and natural richness of these places.

On the occasion of Xacobeo 2021-2022, you will find a commemorative postmark dedicated to the Holy Door of the Cathedral of Santiago in our Main Office in Santiago (Rúa do Franco, 4). 

However, that is not our only jacobean postmark. We leave you with a gallery with the main tourist postmarks of the Camino that you can find in our offices:

Matasellos turístico SantiagoMatasellos turístico RoncesvallesMatasellos turístico JacaMatasellos turístico monasterio JacaMatasellos turístico SangüesaMatasellos turístico Iruña-PamplonaMatasellos turístico Puente la Reina-GaresMatasellos turístico Estela-LizarraMatasellos turístico LogroñoMatasellos turístico Santo Domingo de la CalzadaMatasellos turístico NájeraMatasellos turístico BurgosMatasellos turístico catedral BurgosMatasellos-turístico-Carrión-de-los-CondesMatasellos turístico LeónMatasellos turístico Villafranca del BierzoMatasellos turístico AstorgaMatasellos turístico SarriaMatasellos turístico ArzuaMatasellos turístico GernikaMatasellos turístico BilbaoMatasellos turístico PortugaleteMatasellos turístico LaredoMatasellos turístico SantanderMatasellos turístico LlanesMatasellos turístico VillaviciosaMatasellos turístico GijónMatasellos turístico AvilesMatasellos turístico LuarcaMatasellos turístico catedral TuiMatasellos turístico TuiMatasellos turístico PorriñoMatasellos turístico RedondelaMatasellos oficina postal PontevedraMatasellos turístico PontevedraMatasellos turístico Caldas de ReisMatasellos turísticos PadrónMatasellos turístico Cangas de OnísMatasellos turístico OviedoMatasellos turístico Alfonso II OviedoMatasellos turístico TineoMatasellos turístico MieresMatasellos turístico FonsagradaMatasellos turístico Puerta de Santiago LugoMatasellos turístico LugoMatasellos turístico OurenseMatasellos turístico FisterraMatasellos Xacobeo 2021-2022