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Pilgrimage Stamps

Camino de Santiago Stamps The history of philately and the Camino de Santiago have always been closely linked. From the first stamp dedicated to a Holy Year in 1937 to the present day, the Pilgrim's Way has been the protagonist of a large number of philatelic products. The Pilgrim's Way to Santiago itself has its own stamp, issued in 2016. It features the main façade of the Cathedral of Sa...

The Caminos

Camino de Santiago: main pilgrimage routes The Camino de Santiago is one of the most important pilgrimage routes in Europe. The discovery of the tomb of the Apostle in the 9th century marked the beginning of a Camino that leads our steps to Santiago until today. We speak of the Camino de Santiago to refer, in fact, to a network of Jacobean Routes that cross all of Europe. The choice of the Wa...

Rucksack Transfer

At Correos we transfer rucksacks and luggage from one place of accommodation to another all along the Camino de Santiago, every day of your journey. If you decide to do the Camino without a backpack, Correos will take care of transporting your backpack or luggage every day (also on Sundays and public holidays), stage by stage, to the guest houses, hostels or hotels of your choice. How does Paq Mo...

Camino Portugués (The Portuguese Way)

The Portuguese Way is the second most popular Jacobean Route among pilgrims, only behind the French Way.Where does the Portuguese Way begin? Its starting point is Lisbon, although today its main starting places are Porto and Tui, already in Galicia.How many kilometers is the Portuguese way? From Lisbon to Santiago it is about 600km, crossing the Portuguese country from south to north, starting i...

Tips for the Camino de Santiago in autumn

We give you some advice on which route to choose if you are going to do the Camino in the autumn months, what clothes and footwear are the most suitable and what plans you can make during your Route.

Do you know how to get to Tui for starting on Camino Portugués?

The Camino Portugués or Portuguese Way is the second most popular route among pilgrims, beaten only by the French Camino. If you're included in this group but don't have a clue where to depart from in Galicia, well then here are some tips for getting to Tui and so that you don't miss out on the Camino experience.

The Camino Portugués, stamp by stamp

The Tarjeta del Camino Portugués consists of a postcard tracing the Portuguese route with its various stages and space for seven special stamps bearing the unique landmarks found at each of the towns. 

How long does Camino de Santiago walk?

How many kilometers / miles does the Camino de Santiago have, does it have stages to cover, how many days are needed... We give you some information so that you can plan your Jacobean Route.

Camino Portugues map: 10 things to do

Discover the itinerary of the Portuguese Way from Tui and from A Guarda and the attractions offered by each stage, including the Spiritual Variant.