Do you know how to get to Tui for starting on Camino Portugués?

Tips to do the Camino

Do you know how to get to Tui for starting on Camino Portugués?


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This small town in the province of Pontevedra, with just over 17,000 inhabitants, is located on the Spanish border with the neighbouring country, that is, Portugal, which is linked by road to Valença do Miño.  Many pilgrims, who start their journey in Lisbon or Oporto, enter Galicia by crossing the iconic International Bridge to begin the final stages of the Portuguese route. Tui boasts excellent connections by any means of transport due to this border aspect.

How to get to Tui by air

The three closest airports to Tui are Oporto, Vigo and Santiago. Although from any of these airports, there are one or several transport combinations available: train, bus or taxi.

The best option is Vigo Airport, only 25 km from the town where the Camino (Way) starts. A city bus, that is, L9A, will take you to the Plaza Eugenio Fadrique. The fare costs 1.35 Euros and buses run every 30 minutes from Monday to Saturday and Sunday afternoons (morning services on Sundays and public holidays, every 60 minutes).

Once in Vigo, you can take a train to Tui.  There are two trains per day ... the first train departs in the morning and the last train in the evening. The journey taking 42 minutes and fares cost approximately 4 Euros. However, it should be noted that the city of Pontevedra has two train stations: Vigo - Urzaiz and Vigo- Guixar. For direct services to Tui catch the train from the first station. To get to the station from the airport, take the city bus and get off at the "Urzaiz 13" bus stop so as to catch a connecting bus (L8, L16 or L24 lines).

If you would rather travel by road, Automóviles de Tuy  has a line which connects Vigo with Tui with different weekday and weekend timetables. Ticket prices are approximately 3.15 Euros. You can also travel by taxi. The price can vary between 35 Euros on work days and 45 Euros on weekends and public holidays.

The other option is landing at Santiago. The Lavacolla Airport is located 124 km away from Tui and has several Freire company lines that travel into the city for €3 per journey, with stops at both the bus and train stations for the purposes of travelling onwards to Vigo.

If your adventure begins in Oporto, 119km from Tui, the Alsa bus company has direct connections to Valença do Minho or to Tui. Although should you prefer you can also travel by train to these municipalities.

But if you don't want to rely on timetables and rush start the trip, you can always rent a car from any airport.

By train

Located some 3.7 km away from Tui, is Guillarei (Pontevedra), an important railway point. Most trains stop at this town. The Renfe railway lines that start their journey in Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante or Bilbao stop there.

You can travel to Tui by taxi from this station. Fares can vary between €6 and €9. But if you can't wait to start the Camino (Way), you can also leave the station on foot.

By bus

There are several companies that link Vigo with major Spanish cities. With Alsa you can get to Tui from Madrid, Seville or Bilbao. Furthermore, you can travel from the latter city and Barcelona with Mombus Vibasa national bus services. 

How to get to Tui from Madrid or Barcelona?

If your Camino (Way) starts in any of these two cities, your trip to Tui will be easier. Both by air as well as by train or bus there are several options for choosing the one that best suits your plans.

From Madrid to Tui.  The easiest option is a direct train to Guillerai. You can also go by bus, although the drawback is that there is no direct route to Tui From the Madrid Estación Sur (bus station), there are bus lines that connect with Vigo. However you must afterwards connect with the Avanza Bus services for travelling onwards to Tui. This company offers an Express service, the journey takes 7 hours. The regular trip takes nearly 9 hours.

The fastest option is to travel by air. From the capital you can get to the Peinador Airport with: Iberia, Vueling and Air Europa. The first two companies and Ryanair also have direct flights to Santiago.

From Barcelona to Tui. From the city of Barcelona you can catch a plane to Vigo or Santiago, given the fact that more than 1,000 kilometres separate both cities. IberiaRyanair or Vueling are the companies which fly this route and the trip only takes 1 hour and 50 minutes.

You can also make the journey by train. Just like from the capital, there is a train line that leaves the Barcelona-Sants Station and arrives at Guillarei. Although it's not the best option if you're in a hurry. The journey takes 14 hours. The journey will be a bit shorter if travelling by bus from Barcelona to Vigo, as the journey time is two hours shorter.

With these guidelines, getting to Tui will be easy and once you're on the left bank of the Miño River, you can start your Camino (Way). There are six stages ahead of you, some 120km, in which you can enjoy the Galician landscape, gastronomy and culture. Remember that if you do not want or cannot carry your backpack on your back, the luggage transport service (Paq Mochila) is available on the Portuguese Way from Tui

If you haven't yet finished organising your trip, in "El Camino con Correos" (The Camino (Way) with Correos") we provide all the information you need as regards the Portuguese Way Stages and the accommodation options available on the route. But if you're still not sure, the Postman's Tips will help you in not missing out on a single thing.

Debbie ortiz
Hi I’m starting el Camino from Tui which country is easy to fly to Lisboa, Madrid or Barcelona ?

El camino con correos
It depends on the point of origin but all three cities have good connections. However, if you are starting in Tui and want to fly to Portugal, the best option is to fly to Porto, which is the closest city.

Edwin Villanueva
If I am arriving either in Lisboa or Porto, and I want to start my Camino Portuguese in Tui. What is the best train option from Lisboa or Porto to Tui?

El camino con correos
The best option is Porto. Buen Camino!

Hi I’m arriving from Santiago airport. I’ll be arriving in Vigo train station @18:00 on a Sunday . I need to get to Valença or Tui , for Camino .. which is easier to get to by bus , train or taxi. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of public transport available from Vigo .

El camino con correos
Hi, Caroline. As we say in this article, the best option is to go by train. Once in Vigo, you can take a train to Tui. There are two trains per day. The first train departs in the morning and the last train in the evening. However, it should be noted that the city of Pontevedra has two train stations: Vigo - Urzaiz and Vigo- Guixar. For direct services to Tui catch the train from the first station. ¡Buen Camino!

Michael Laing
You can take a bus from Vigo bus station it will drop you off in Tui it takes about 40 minutes , cost 2 euro 45 c as of May 2022

Maria Delgado
Hola! Estamos planeando hacer el camino Portugués en Marzo 2022. En Madrid donde tomamos el tren a Gullerai? Tengo que comprar los boletos de tren antes o ese mismo dia? Gracias

El camino con correos
Hola María. Lo puedes coger en la estación de Chamartín. Si puedes, es mejor que lo cojas con tiempo. Saludos y Buen Camino!

Raisa Paredes
Hi, I will travel March 2022 to Lisbon, Portugaldo some turistas things around, them travel by train to Porto to start my Camino, I will go by myself and would like info on sending bag to places ahead as I also plan to stay in Galicia and travel around. Thank you in advance

El camino con correos
Hi Raisa! In Galicia, you can use our PaqMochila (transfer rucksacks and luggage from one place of accommodation to another all along the Camino de Santiago, every day of your journey) or Paq Peregrino (sends luggage, suitcases or bags along the Camino de Santiago). You can obtain more info here:

Diane Rios
Hello, we are flying in from LAX and will be starting our Camino on 9/6/2020 wit the last walk into Santiago on 9/13/20. We are not sure which would be best flying in from LAX. Your blog states the Vigo airport is closer but I am not seeing flights there from LAX. Do you know if we should fly to another city instead of Vigo? Thank you for your assistance.

El camino con correos
Vigo's airport is very small terminal. The best option is take a plane to Madrid or Barcelona. And then, a internal flight to Vigo or Santiago. Buen Camino!

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