Medidas Covid

Security measures adopted by El Camino con Correos against coronavirus

In order to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus and to maintain the safety of our clients and workers, at Correos we have implemented measures that successfully ensure the security and correctness of our services, following the guidelines set by administrations and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Correos works normally on the Camino de Santiago, restoring the services of Paq Mochila, Paq Peregrino, Paq Bicicleta, Left-luggage in Santiago and sale and recharge of the Prepaid payment card.

We solve the main questions regarding these services and details of the measures required by Correos in all of its offices and vehicles for the safety of customers and workers.

Medidas de seguridad ante la Covid-19 en el transporte de mochilas de Correos

¿Are there changes to the rucksack transfer service?

No, the daily transport of backpacks or suitcases on the Camino de Santiago works normally again. Any pilgrim can book the Paq Mochila service until 8:00 p.m. the day before the transport begins. The postman will come from 8:00 in the morning to collect the luggage at the indicated accommodation and will drop it off at the next one before 2:30 p.m.. For any questions about hiring or about the operation of the service, click here.

Following the instructions of the Government of Spain, published through the Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality (ICTE), and the Xunta de Galicia, from El Camino with Correos we recommend the online reservation and payment of the service. This will prevent the manipulation of cash and unnecessary contacts.

We remind you that online booking can be done through our web form or email and that payment can be made by credit card, Paypal or bank transfer. Likewise, government recommendations recommend shelters and other accommodations to delete brochures and all kinds of paper materials (such as envelopes).

We remind you objects tied to or hanging from your luggage are not accepted. All items to be transported must be properly packed and placed inside the luggage

Medidas de seguridad ante la Covid-19 en el Paq Mochila

Is the rucksack tansfer safe on the Camino de Santiago?

Correos is certified by AENOR, which recognises that the preventive measures, procedures and protocols established by the company against the risk of Covid-19 comply with the guidelines given by the competent health authorities.

We have increased security measures in our backpack transport service. The luggage is handled by our delivery staff, who have specific traning and a protection equipment: hydroalcoholic gel, disposable latex gloves and masks. Both the collection and the delivery of the backpacks or suitcases are made without establishing contact with the client or with the staff of the accommodation.

In addition and on a daily basis the transport personnel disinfects the vehicles in which the luggage is transferred.

Medidas de seguridad ante la Covid-19 en el Paq Peregrino y el Paq Bicicleta

Can I send a suitcase or a bicycle on the Camino de Santiago?

Yes, Correos offers the service to send suitcases, packages or bicycles to any point on the Camino de Santiago with the Paq Peregrino and the Paq Bicicleta. Any pilgrim can go to a Post Office and make or collect their shipment, taking extreme security measures. (See the section on Security measures adopted by Correos in the offices before COVID-19).

Medidas de seguridad ante la Covid-19 en el envío de paquetes

Is it safe to send or receive a package?

According to the WHO, "the probability that an infected person will contaminate commercial articles is low, and the risk of contracting the virus that causes COVID-19 by contact with a package that has been handled, transported and exposed to different conditions and temperatures is also low”.

Medidas de seguridad ante la Covid-19 en la Consigna de Correos

Is the left-luggage service open in Santiago?

Yes, the Left-luggage storage located at the Santiago Rúa do Franco Post Office, 4, is open during its regular hours: Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Any pilgrim may deposit his backpack, suitcase, bike or cane at the luggage room, following the security measures indicated in the office: two meters separation and avoid contact with the Post office worker in the delivery / reception of the package and in making the payment.

Security measures adopted by Correos in the offices against COVID-19

Correos has implemented a series of measures to guarantee the safety of customers and workers in all its offices..

  1. Gloves, mask and safety screen. Correos employees have disposable latex gloves, a mask and a safety screen that helps avoid contact with the customer. In addition, they have hydroalcoholic gels and they perform mandatory handwashing every 45 minutes, with these gels or soap and water.
  2. Two meters spacing. A safety distance of at 2 meters is established between Correos employees, between employee and client and between clients themselves.
  3. Reduction of capacity. In general, there cannot be a number of clients over 50% of the lobby space. If this capacity is exceeded, clients will remain outside the office, maintaining a safe distance of at least 1 meter. A post office worker will help in checking capacity.In addition, a customer circuit is established in each office with marks on the floor, respecting safety distances.
  4. Contactless exchange. All exchanges between worker and client will be done leaving documents, letters, packages, tickets, money, etc. at the counter, avoiding physical contact. In addition, 15-minute intervals are established between work shifts to minimize contact between employees and cleaning of common surfaces.
  5. Daily cleaning. Daily cleaning of offices is extreme, with special emphasis on elements in common use surfaces such as door knobs, handles, handrails, toilets, etc. with approved products.