Showing off the “Colours of the Camino” has its rewards!

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Showing off the “Colours of the Camino” has its rewards!


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The green of Galician woodlands in spring, the yellow of the Castilian plains in summer, snowy white scenery in winter, golden browns in autumn... Correos and iPeregrinos want to encourage you to bring out the colours of the Camino de Santiago and participate in our new photography competition on Facebook. The three best photos and the photo that gets the most votes from pilgrims will all win a prize!

For the third year running, Correos and the community of iPeregrinos is launching a photography competition that pays homage to the Camino de Santiago. Following the themes of previous years that sought to highlight the magic of the Way of St James and the values encapsulated in doing the Camino, this year we want to reflect on the beauty of the different routes and the many hues that characterize them. Who hasn’t been captivated by a dazzling field of poppies? The reds, golds and greens of the countryside? Is there anywhere with finer views than the coast of Cantabria? We want to discover all the Camino has to offer through your eyes, your experiences and your photographs. Because the Camino is infinite – and its colours even more so!

Concurso Los Colores del Camino


Taking part in our competition is very easy. But just to make sure it’s all clear, in this post we provide a guide to entering and sharing your photos of the Camino de Santiago with your community of pilgrims. 

How can I take part? 

It’s easy. Just visit our Facebook page ( and look for the app “3rd Photography Competition” on the left-hand sidebar. If you’re using a smartphone, just look for a post in which we mention the competition and click on the link. And if reading this post has already got you excited about taking part, just click here: . Remember that you have to be logged into Facebook in order to take part. 

Once you’re inside the app, you’re away! Just click to participate and fill in the form with your details (to register your authorship of the image and so that we can contact you if you win) and upload your photo. Remember that you should give your image a title that includes the colour and season of the year so that we can create a chromatic map of the Camino over the course of the 12 months of the year.

Who can participate?

If you have photos of the Camino de Santiago and you want to share them with us, you are the perfect candidate to participate in our competition “Colours of the Camino”. The only requirement is that you are 18 or over. The photos you submit must be previously unpublished and can’t have won an award in any other competition. Oh, and one more thing! The subject matter must be related to the Camino. ;-) 

Camino Francés con nieve

Categories and deadlines

In this third edition of our photography competition there are no separate categories. You just need to make sure that you reference the theme required: reflecting the beauty of the Camino through its many colours. It shouldn’t be too hard: the beauty of the Camino has no limits!

Don’t forget: the closing date for entries is 30 September. You’d be sorry to miss it!

And if you don’t fancy sending in an entry, you can still take part by voting! 

Even if you haven’t yet experienced the Camino de Santiago or you simply don’t have photos you’d like to submit, you can still take part in the competition. How? By voting for the photos that you like best. Just open the competition app, and instead of choosing to participate click on “Vote for a winner”. There you can view all of the images submitted and vote for the one you like best. You won’t win a prize, but you will be part of the popular jury, and have the chance to discover the infinite facets of the Camino. 

Win a GoPro

And if I do bring out the colours of the Camino, what do I get? Well, we have some fantastic prizes lined up for you. A jury will choose the three winning photos, with the following prizes:

  1. First prize: a GoPro camera.
  2. Second prize: A Correos Prepay Mastercard with €150 credit.
  3. Third prize: a Wonderbox “3 días con encanto” three-day break.

What’s more, a fourth prize will be awarded to the photo that gets the most votes on the Facebook competition app.

The prize for the photo that receives the most votes from users is a Correos Prepay Mastercard with €100 credit.

Concurso fotográfico Los Colores del Camino

Tips for the win

There is no guarantee of a win. But there are things you can do to make sure your photo is a potential winner.

  1. Originality. There are as many different Caminos as pilgrims. That’s why no two photos of a single location will be the same. Use your imagination to show us what your own pilgrimage has been like.
  2. Quality. In the past, we’ve seen many spectacular photos that were submitted in such low quality or so heavily cropped that it’s not possible to appreciate them. Remember to take care of the details. Oh! And we like filters, but don’t go over the top. Let the natural beauty of the Camino shine. It hardly ever needs touching up.
  3. Be faithful to the competition theme. This year we want to highlight the beauty of the Camino through its colours. Try not to lose sight of this theme and you’ll be halfway on the road to success!

And if you still have any queries, feel free to consult the competition terms and conditions on our website or in the competition app.

We can’t wait to receive your photos and start enjoying the colours of the Camino. Happy walking, and happy snapping!




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