Photo contest ‘La huella del Camino’

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Photo contest ‘La huella del Camino’


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Until next August 31, we invite you to participate in our now classic photography contest. Under the title ‘La huella del Camino’, we invite you to reflect in images what is special about the Jacobean Routes and all those who make them possible.

What are we looking for? Collect among all those magical moments that we take forever from our Camino: a special sunset, a landscape that removes the hiccups, the arrival at the Obradoiro, the flight of the botafumeiro in the Cathedral of Santiago ... Those little things that, in short, leave imprint on us.

Participating is very simple: you just have to enter our Facebook, become followers of the page and share with us those images that reflect how the Camino de Santiago leaves its mark on us. The three most special images will have a prize. And the one that receives the most votes, too.

Get inspired to choose your photography

We all keep special moments on our Camino de Santiago. But surely more than one does not think of how to express it through an image. Nothing happens, here we are to give you an idea that will inspire you when selecting the photograph with which you participate.

And if the place is not very recognizable, do not forget to include an element that indicates that we are facing a photograph of the Camino: a yellow arrow, a landmark, a pilgrim, a backpack….

  1. Symbolic places and monuments. The Camino de Santiago is not only full of magical moments, but also unique places. Those that take us again and again to the Camino. Do you remember what you felt when you entered the Obradoiro? And when did you arrive at the Cruz de Fierro? And when crossing the Holy Door? Were you overwhelmed while going around Santa María de Eunate? There are thousands of places and all of them are part of the Jacobean culture and the memory of the pilgrims century after century.
  1. Landscapes and unique experiences. Many of us return to the Camino de Santiago when we remember that sunset over the Atlantic from the Fisterra lighthouse. Or when we contemplate the eternal Castilian fields. When we remember the flight of the botafumeiro in the Cathedral of Santiago. Fleeting moments that remain forever thanks to our memory…. and to the photos ;-)
  1. Jacobean symbols. When we talk about the Camino de Santiago, we all come to mind some of the symbols that dot the Routes or something that accompanied us throughout the trip. The yellow arrows, the scallop shell that identified me as a pilgrim, my Credential filled with the places I passed ...
  1. Companions on the Camino. Whether we do it alone or with others, the people with whom we end up sharing the Camino de Santiago make the experience even more special. And all of them can be the protagonists of this photographic contest. Is there something that leaves more mark than, for example, that hug with the pilgrim with whom you arrived at the Obradoiro?

How to participate in the Photo Contest on the Camino de Santiago

Participating in the #LaHuelladelCamino Photo Contest is very simple. You just have to enter our application, which you can find on our Facebook page.

Once inside the platform, you upload the photo and fill in your personal data (so we can assign your authorship and contact you in the event that you are winners).

Who can participate in the Correos photo contest?

Are you passionate about the Camino de Santiago? Do you have hundreds of photos that remind you of your Route? Would you like to share them with other pilgrims? Fine!, You are the ideal candidate to participate in our contest!

We only have four requirements: be over 18 years old, that the photograph with which you participate is unpublished, that it has not been previously awarded and that it refers to the Camino de Santiago.

Until August 31

You have until August 31 to participate in the photography contest La huella del Camino!

So, there is time for you to select the image to win with. But don't leave everything for the last day. The photos that are uploaded before will have a better chance of receiving more votes and, therefore, of winning the prize from the public.

Four Prepaid Cards ready to spend

What are the prizes for the Camino de Santiago photography contest? Attentive:

  1. First Prize: a Prepaid Card with 200 euros.
  2. Second prize: a Prepaid Card with 150 euros.
  3. Third Prize: a Prepaid Card with 100 euros.

These three prizes will be awarded to the three photographs that our jury like the most. In addition, there will be a fourth prize that will be awarded to the image that gets the most votes in the contest application. The reward? Another Prepaid Card loaded with 100 euros.

If after following all these indications you still have any questions, you can consult the Contest Rules, which can be found in the application itself.

¡Buen Camino!

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