The birth of philatelic pilgrimage

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The birth of philatelic pilgrimage


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We are now presenting our Philatelic Credential of the Camino de Santiago and we could not be happier. With it, we join two passions: the Camino de Santiago and philately, so that all pilgrims can add a small stamp souvenir to their Camino.

Within our Credential, we have included 15 stamps specifically designed for the occasion, each one with its corresponding postmark. Beginning in Roncesvalles and finishing, of course, in Santiago de Compostela, we offer 14 stops on the Camino with a final prize: a stamp dedicated to the Camino de Santiago and a postmark stating that the pilgrim fulfilled the philatelic pilgrimage: philatelic souvenir form the Camino.

Complete the Philatelic Pilgrimage and get the accrediting postmark 

14 localities

Roncesvalles and Puente la Reina/Gares, in Navarra; Nájera and Santo Domingo de la Calzada, in La Rioja; San Juan de Ortega and Burgos, in the Burgos province; Frómista and Carrión de los Condes, in Palencia; León and Astorga, in the province of León; O Cebreiro and Sarria, in Lugo and, lastly, Santiago de Compostela. These are the emblematic places of the Camino Francés to which we have dedicated a stamp and postmark, with distinctive reasons for each one.

Thus, there are historic monuments on our stamps including Roman bridges and temples of great importance within the Camino de Santiago Francés, always accompanied by a pilgrim cane. The Cathedral of Santiago, the Episcopal Palace of Astorga, A Ponte da Áspera de Sarria, the Monastery of San Juan de Ortega, the Templar Castle of Ponferrada and the Collegiate Church of San Isidro de León are some of the places that feature stamps from the 14 different stages of the Philatelic Credential.

Where to get one

You can get your Philatelic Credential from the Camino de Santiago at 30 offices on the Camino Francés, in Gipúzkoa, in Bizkaia and Madrid. On this list you can check which is closest to get yours for 15 Euros.

It does not replace the Official Credential

It does not replace the Official Credential nor replace the spirit of the Camino de Santiago and this needs to be clarified. The purpose of this Credential is to contribute more of our work on the Camino. For this reason, we have tried to honour it in this way, providing the philatelic experience of the Post Office and adding to the numerous accumulated on the Jacobean routes from the Camino Post Office.

Our intention is to offer a beautiful memory to all pilgrims who are also fans of philately. On the other hand, we would love it for pilgrims to become a part of the world of stamps.

We stamp the Official Pilgrim Credential

On the other hand, we also offer our usual postmark for the Official Pilgrim Credential, with special postmarks dedicated to the emblematic locations of the Camino de Santiago, or with stamps of important events in each place. As the Official Credential explains, to certify the pilgrim's passage: "within the boxes there must be the stamp of each locality." You can do this in any of the Post Office along the Camino.

The Pilgrim Credential can be obtained requesting it in person at the Pilgrim's Reception Office or at the institutions authorized by the Cathedral of Santiago for distribution: parishes, Friends of the Camino de Santiago, pilgrim hostels or guilds. We recommend you get it in advance, so you only have to worry about stamping it.

The monastery of San Juan de Ortega is one of our special postmarks of the Camino de Santiago 

Why does the Post Office stamp the credential?

Without any premeditation, the Post Office and the Camino de Santiago have walked together for hundreds of years, as explained on our website. And this could not be more true; we have offices spread throughout the domestic territory, which makes us an integral part of the Camino de Santiago, including all of its routes.

Like hostels and parishes, we are side by side with the Camino at the beginning and end. For that reason, we wanted to join in on the credential stamps, thus offering more room for manoeuvre to the pilgrim in terms of schedule and location.

In short, if we catch you on your way or they're more handy than other alternatives, you can come to one of our offices and stamp your Credential and if you pass through any emblematic locations, such as O Cebreiro or San Juan de Ortega, for example, don't hesitate to stamp it with us for a more personalised memory.

On foot, on horseback or on bike

On foot, on horseback or on bike. These are the three ways to make your philatelic pilgrimage. The same that are at the Pilgrim's Office to grant the Compostela. In this way, our Pilgrim's Philatelic Credential is completed adapted to the Camino de Santiago, a special memory that we make available to all philately enthusiasts on the Camino at our Post Office, so that many more pilgrims can share this hobby and many philatelic enthusiasts also discover the pilgrimage.

The memory does not have to mean the end of a relationship: Everyone who makes the Camino de Santiago once wants to come again in the future, that is why we invite you to also follow us and check out our FacebookTwitter and Instagram, where you can share advice, new and initiatives, including the creation of this credential, and keep up to date with everything happening on the Camino.

Safe travels to all!!

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