Discover the winners of the photography contest of the Camino de Santiago

The Way with Correos

Discover the winners of the photography contest of the Camino de Santiago


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Pilgrims, shells, crosses, yellow arrows, landmarks, boots, cathedrals... You have shown that the Camino de Santiago is full of symbols that make this Route a universal icon. You’ve collected 739 symbols in 739 photos that participated in our already traditional photo contest organized with iPeregrinos. Because each pilgrim is unique, each symbol is too.

Four photos are the winners, but there could be many more. Because we have fallen in love with the yellow arrows splashing the Castilian fields, the scallop shells placed throughout the peninsula, the unique kilometer indicators, the cathedral towers that outline the different Routes... In the end we had to keep only three. And you have voted the fourth. Congratulations to all the winners and thank you to all the participants! We leave you with the winners, we hope you like them as much as we do.

1st Place

A la luz del Camino by Susana Pérez-Bello

A la luz del Camino. Primer premio del concurso de fotografía Los símbolos del Camino

A la luz del Camino means in the light of the Way. The light that gives it its title to our winning image becomes another symbol of the Camino de Santiago, along with the shell and two very special pilgrims: Susana and her inseparable companion Utopia.

The photograph is taken on a section of the French Way between Sarria and Santiago that Susana and Utopia undertook last December. Both appear illuminated by that winter light that frames them in a unique natural environment, so iconic of the Camino de Santiago.

Susana tells us that it was a 100% dogfriendly path, in which both enjoyed the experience to the fullest. So much that they are already thinking about repeating. You can follow their adventures on Instagram in the @pixel_bordercollie account and on Facebook in the Pixel Border Collie profile. ¡Buen Camino, pilgrims!

2nd Place

Botafumeiro by Fernando García Riñón.

Botafumeiro. Segundo premio del concurso de fotografía Los símbolos del Camino

The Cathedral of Santiago is the protagonist of our second photographic prize. Specifically one of its most popular icons: the Botafumeiro. This is the central element of the pilgrim's mass and Fernando García Riñón did not want to miss the chance to capture his hypnotic swing.

The image was taken about three years ago, when Fernando made the last kilometers of the French Way, between Sarria and Santiago accompanied by his family. It was not his first time on the Camino. In fact, this was the final stretch of a Route that they divided into sections over several years. And now, they have the challenge of returning to the Cathedral after starting their Way in Extremadura and walking along the Vía de la Plata. Will they enjoy the show of botafumeiro over their heads again? We hope so. ¡Buen Camino!

3rd Place

Cruz de Ferro by Adriana Hoch Fernandes.

Cruz de Ferro. Tercer premio del concurso de fotografía Los símbolos del Camino

La Cruz de Ferro is one of the unequivocal symbols of the Camino de Santiago. Located at the highest point of the French Way, at 1504 meters high, this landmark is one of the best-known places and full of symbols of all Jacobean Routes. And getting to it is one of the most exciting things. Even more so if you do it in the winter like our winner, Adriana Hoch Fernandes, did. She knew how to capture with her snapshot the hardness of reaching this point located in the mountains of Leon but also all of its magic.

Adriana walked the Portuguese Way for the first time in 2017 to give thanks for all the good things she achieved in her life. During this first pilgrimage, she and her husband decided to do the French Way, where the winning photo was taken. This Way gained more meaning when a 6-year-old boy gave Adriana a stone to deposit in the Cruz de Ferro and thus be able to face the difficulties that life will impose on him in the future. The image shows the exact moment in which Adriana deposits both stones, hers and the child's, complying with the millenary ritual performed every year by the thousands of pilgrims who come here.

Audience Award

El Camino no se anda, se vive! by Azucena Sanin Bermúdez.

El Camino no se anda, se vive! Premio del público del concurso de fotografía Los símbolos del Camino

The yellow arrow, the scallop shell and the pilgrim. Three of the most symbolic elements of the Camino de Santiago star in the image that you have chosen as the winner with your votes. With a total of 439 votes, the image taken by Azucena Sanin Bermúdez completes our podium. The choice was difficult, since as she herself recognizes, the Camino gives you unique moments and incredible sunrises and sunsets. But the symbols rule and there is nothing more recognizable than the arrow, the shell and a pilgrim on the Way.

She named the photo: “You don’t walk the Way, you live it!”. The photo was taken in León during the Camino that Azucena and a friend traveled between Ponferrada and Santiago. About 215 kilometers that changed the life of this Colombian residing in Madrid. For both of them it was their first time on the Camino and they both already think of returning and walking it from Roncesvalles.

These are the four winning photographs! Next year we hope to see your photographs of the Camino de Santiago.

¡Buen Camino, pilgrims!

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