Camino de Santiago values in 12 months

The values of the Camino in 12 months

Camino de Santiago values in 12 months


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The Camino de Santiago is much more than a route. The important thing is not the beginning or the end, but rather the experience that we build stage by stage with our steps. No Camino is like the other, hence the magic that brings so many pilgrims back. Each stage is different from the previous one: its landscapes, its people, its challenges, its joys. And each person leaves his or her distinct mark.

In our daily work alongside the Camino, sharing stages with pilgrims, living with them in our offices and helping them with transport of their luggage, we have been fortunate enough to be able to hear to many of the stories of the Camino, many very different and unique experiences.

Like many of you, it would be difficult to define the Camino de Santiago in just a few words, but it's also true that many times we've heard you say certain ones that represent those essential values of the Route, those values that have endured many centuries and that continue to attract so many pilgrims from many different countries year after year.

So, we have proposed, together with iPilgrims, to find those values that make the Camino de Santiago special and unique. We want to do it all year long and, of course, with your help and your experiences.


Today we launched the "Camino values in 12 months" initiative, an initiative with which we are working transversally throughout this year to identify a Camino value each month.

We will look for these common and essential traits in which most pilgrims agree when describing the experience on the Route. These are the values that stand out, that make so many of you repeat this experience.

camino de Santiago

We want to collect stories and images about these values, share what we are finding, listen to what you tell us and, thus, build the Camino values in 12 months.

Month by month we will highlight a value. We will share through this blog, our social media - iPilgrims and the Post Office Camino- and we will open discussions, highlighting personal and group stories, commenting and sharing the Camino. And for that, we of course need your collaboration, the Camino is much more when shared and when we do it together.


We started our initiative this month with one of the main values of the Route: STRENGTH. That strength, both physical and mental, which leads up to the Camino, which manages to pull us out of our routine, of our day-to-day life, out of our take us to a point in the Route and begin our journey. Strength that makes us rise to a new stage to begin to travel the kilometres that separate us from the next, forcing us to overcome, to share, to help our companions on the Camino. That strength helps us achieve our goal, whatever that may be. Because beyond the goals ticked off by the end of each stage, there are many other goals on the Camino that are truly important.

Working on the Camino we have seen many examples of strength, many people whose strength has allowed them to finish stages while struggling against adversity. We have seen people find strength from within to continue on, people who are an example of achievement, of desire, of that STRENGTH that we want to highlight as a value of the Camino.

This month we want to find all of these strengths. We want you to tell us what gave you the strength to finish your Camino, examples of achievement, of strength, that you share with us your own experience, those who come to mind when talking about strength on the Camino. We want to know all about these moments when strength, both physical and mental, is needed, to overcome adversity and complete the stage with pride.

We encourage you to participate! This initiative would not make sense without your collaboration, because we build the Camino around you, the pilgrims, who we walk by day by day. You can share your stories and experiences here, in blog comments and also through our social media: through Facebook comments, Instagram photos and Twitter mentions, both on our pages and on those belonging to iPilgrims.

Wishing you strength and SAFE TRAVELS!!

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