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Online resources for the Camino de Santiago


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In addition to our day-to-day travels on the Camino de Santiago with our services for pilgrims, we've spent a great deal of time looking for resources and useful information about the route.

We often find things on the Internet that catch our attention that are useful, of great technical quality or are simply imaginative with good results. Today we share some online resources about the Camino. They are excellent examples of how creativity and technology can help both pilgrims and the Way itself.

We hope that you like them as much as we do!


It's difficult to get lost on the Camino...just follow the yellow arrows! But when you are home preparing all of the details, you'll need maps. You do know that you can find a lot of information on our website... do you? Nonetheless, comparison is always good. Here we have some more references.

A technical note: the formats downloaded are normally .kml or .kmz. To open them, you'll have to use a geographic information program or application (Google Maps, GoogleEarth or something similar).

Caminos de Santiago on Wikiloc

wikiloc camino santiago
If you like outdoor sports, we're sure you know about Wikiloc. Users create and share maps of their favourite routes on this platform and comment and assess other maps. It also allows the routes to be downloaded so that you can view them offline; there's also a mobile application. With all of the pilgrims throughout the world, you'll certainly be able to find maps for each route to Santiago.

Maps of the Federation

federacion amigos camino

The Federation of the Societies of Friends of the Camino also has its own section of Camino maps to download in .kml format They have also integrated an interactive map from the National Geographic Institute that captures all of the routes. Don't forget to review the other sections of the website: there is information that is incredibly valuable since they know the Camino and its pilgrims like no one else.

Educational and informative

It's never too late to learn something new, and the Camino is a wonderful school. There are plenty of educational resources on the internet for all different levels, in addition to interesting information for the general public.

Computer graphics for the Camino de Santiago

datos camino de santiago

These computer graphics from have a lot of information with a clean but attractive design. All the information to bring in your backpack, including pilgrim profiles, the busiest routes, etc., all at a single glance!

A Camino of Stories

camino de cuentos

Who doesn't like to sit down and listen to a good story or legend? On the road to Compostela you'll find countless stories of oral tradition with more or less fantastic approaches to reality. This project, which you can see here in digital book format, collects some of these narratives. Its physical version was accompanied with a CD in which those stories were told by some Spanish celebrities (actress María Galiana, writer Eduardo Mendoza or journalist Gemma Nierga).

Sophie on the Camino

didactico camino de santiago

One of our favourites! This interactive book tells the story of Sophie, a French girl that travels the Camino de Santiago with her grandfather. Along the route, Sophie keeps a diary that details everything that's happening, which is quite a lot! You'll find images and interactive texts 'pasted' to the main narrative, like a real travel journal. We don't want to give too much more away because, whatever age you may be, it's really worth spending some time accompanying Sophie.

The power of an image

We're sure that during your Camino de Santiago you've taken thousands of pictures and recorded a few videos. Not so long ago, this was just for you and your friends, but now you can do some really neat things mixing audiovisuals with new technologies. Here are some examples that will leave you speechless.

Camino 360º

aplicacion camino santiago

The Camino360º App has been featured a lot in the press since its launch last May and has also won a couple of awards. The idea is simple: immerse yourself in the experience of the Camino as if you were truly walking it. To do this, 360º videos have been used...quite a bit of technical work! It will encourage many people to travel the Camino in real life and make it more accessible and enjoyable for the younger pilgrims. The result is worth a try. To get an idea of the application, you can see the stages on YouTube and interact moving the video based on the view you'd like.

Panoramic photos

panoramicas camino santiago

Another impressive project that has come to us was this tour of interactive panoramic photos for the first stage of the French Way, between Saint Jean and Roncesvalles. If you go, you just have to follow the arrows to move to the next section of photos. You'll find details and extra information on what you're looking at on a few. We hope that someday, these artists will complete more stages!

Book of Stone: virtual visit to the Cathedral of Santiago

visitar catedral santiago

We end this compilation just like the Way of Saint James do: with a visit to the Cathedral. The 'Book of Stone’ allows you to walk the plazas surrounding the temple and enter the door that you prefer. Once inside, wander at your won't be bothering anyone ;-)

Which of these resources do you like the most? Have you found other cool projects on the Camino in your search for information? Share it!

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