Fourth stage of the Portuguese Way from Porto. After yesterday's long day, today a stage of just over 17 kilometers awaits us that will take us to Rubiães, very close to the border with Galicia.

On this fourth day the most important ascent of the Portuguese Way awaits us: the Alto da Portela Grande de Labruja. We will face a height of 400 meters, which we will climb in about 4 kilometers. It is not, however, a very hard stretch for the pilgrim, who will be able to enjoy nature and beautiful landscapes.

We leave Ponte de Lima in the direction of Arcozelo, a small town located about 3km from the pilgrim hostel. Asphalt tracks and dirt roads will alternate until Codeçal. There we can take a short break, since we find a bar in front of the hermitage of Nossa Senhora das Neves.

After these first eight kilometers we will reach the key section of the stage: the climb to Alto da Portela Grande de Labruja. 
Despite going uphill, it is a pleasant stretch for the senses, which alternates wooded paths with dirt roads. Those who decide to do this section by bicycle will have more problems.
When the kilometer of ascent is about to be completed, bicigrinos will not be able to take the path along which the Camino runs. They will have to follow the M522 road and connect with the N201. We recommend doing this stage full of energy, since in the final uphill section you will have to put the bike on your shoulder.

During the ascent we will be able to stop before the Cruz dos Franceses, located at 325 meters of altitude. In it we will find a plate that is at least curious. It is dedicated to the memory of a pilgrim who died in a plane crash. Everything that goes up must come down. So after reaching the top it is necessary to descend to the place of Aqualonga and, later, San Roque.
Here we can find accommodation to spend the night. Rubiães is a kilometer and a half away. The final stretch to Rubiães runs between the N201 and a beautiful wooded path that leads directly to the pilgrims' hostel.

Rubiães is a small parish in Paredes de Coura where we can recover from the effort of the previous days. After two consecutive days sleeping in cities, Rubiães will allow the pilgrim to rest surrounded by mountains, breathe fresh air and enjoy its rural surroundings and its cultural heritage, among which the Romanesque church of São Pedro de Rubiães stands out.

Accommodations Ponte de Lima – Rubiães

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