Xacobeo 2021 - 2022
Fourth stage of our Portuguese Way along the Coast. This day will be characterized by running, precisely, away from the coast. However, we are faced with a route full of great beauty, especially on the banks of the Nieva River.
Our destination will be Viana do Castelo, perhaps one of the most beautiful towns in Portugal. In it we can do a bit of tourism: get to know its historic center, visit the Temple of the Sacred Heart on Mount Santa Luzía and, of course, contemplate the impressive mouth of the Lima River.
We start this fourth stage in Esposende towards Marinhas. They are little more than 4km that run through an urban section parallel to the sea. If you have prolonged the previous stage, your fourth stage starts here.
From Belinhas we are heading inland. We will pass through the small towns of Mar and Belinho, leaving behind monuments such as the Church of Sao Miguel and the Chapel of Sao Joao do Monte or the Church of Belinho.
After several paved sections, the Camino takes us to the parish of Antas, where we must carefully cross the EN-13 road. After passing a great Jacobean monolith, a beautiful path begins to the Neiva River. The passage along the river is made through granite slabs, immortalized in numerous photos of pilgrims. After crossing the river, a climb awaits us to the Chapel of Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe.
We cross the EN-13-3 and head towards one of the landmarks of the Portuguese Way of the Coast: the church of São Tiãgo de Castelo do Neiva. It is the oldest church dedicated to the Apostle Santiago in Portugal and one of the first in the entire Peninsula. We speak of the year 862, shortly after the discovery of the remains of the Apostle.
After a short rest next to the temple, we continue our Way that, for the next 5km, will take us through beautiful and pleasant wooded areas to São Romão de Neiva, with its monastery and Baroque church.
In a few minutes we are in Chafé, where an asphalt section begins to Anha, with the parish church of São Tiãgo, and Darque. We continue along the N-13 until we reach a roundabout, where we will head towards the Eiffel Bridge over the Lima River. And so we already entered Viana do Castelo, the end point of this fourth stage of the Portuguese Way along the Coast.
What to see and do in Viana do Castelo? This beautiful Portuguese town is worth a visit after finishing the stage. Even if your strength falters, don't leave without a visit to the historic center of Viana do Castelo.
It is essential to visit the Praça da República, the heart of the city, where we can admire the old town hall, the Mercy building and the chafariz. The historic center of Viana keeps other jewels such as the Cathedral, in the Romanesque style.

If we have the time and desire, Viana do Castelo offers another essential visit: Santa Luzía. From the top of this mountain we will be able to contemplate a unique view: the mouth of the Lima River in the Atlantic Ocean. In addition, at the top we find the Temple Monument of Santa Luzía, dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and inspired by the Sacré-Coeur in Paris.

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