A daily planner for the 2016 Apostle Festivities

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A daily planner for the 2016 Apostle Festivities


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If you've just arrived in Santiago de Compostela after travelling the Camino, you may have noticed that we are in the midst of festivities. After the opening address on the 15th and the performance first major concert by the portuguese band Deolinda, the city has been in full festivity mode, both day and night. Yet there's still so much left to see! We'll suggest a daily schedule starting today so that you can make the most of the 2016 Apostle Festivities.

First thing you should do is visit our Left Luggage and get rid of your backpack. These days the city is packed and you'll want to be compfortable to enjoy every show we're suggesting.

And, as a reminder, everything in the Official Programme costs Euros!

Friday 22: The circus has come to town!

Today we suggest the Circompostela, a show that begins at 22:30 in the Parque de Belvís, which we're sure you'll enjoy as much as the little ones. A twist on the classic circus where you can see tightrope, balancing and juggling acts...What better way to enjoy a night outdoors than in one of the most frequented parks in Santiago, wide-eyed in wonder?

Saturday 23: Even the little ones can enjoy the festivities

These days everyone has the right to party. If you've come with your children, you're in luck, because they'll have tons of fun in Bonaval Park from 12:00 until 20:00. The 'Romaría Cativa' is a space where they can give a go on traditional games, go to circus workshops, see concerts, magic shows, etc. And if you fancy a picnic, you can do that too...

If you still have some energy, go to see Charles Bradley & His Extraordinaires at 22:00 in the Praza da Quintana. You can always sit on the stairs! ;-)

Sunday 24: Grab a seat to see the Fireworks in the Obradoiro

fuegos apóstol

The most anticipated moment of the Festivities is, without a doubt, the fireworks on the night of the 24th in the Obradoiro. If you've arrived on this day at the right time, this is where you should be. Remember: be patient if you want to get a good seat.

The show starts at 23:30. For the second consecutive year, projections will be made on the Pazo de Raxoi (City Council) to avoid the scaffolding which is currently installed in the Cathedral. In any case, we can assure you that this will not detract in the slightest. And if you can't make it this year, take a look at this video of the fireworks from last year.

Monday 25: The big day, sample a bit of everything

cabezudos apostol On 25 July the best plan that we can propose is this: don't make any! The best thing to do is to walk around, through the plazas and the parks and see what you find.

You might run into the traditional Parade of the Giant Heads, which starts at 12:30; or get up early (10:00) and go to the Cathedral to see the Offering to the Apostle; or discover Galician literature in the Romaría dos Libros (Praza de Mazarelos, 12:00 to 21:00). Or simply enjoy the hustle and bustle that permeates Santiago on this day.

Tuesday 26: The Dandy Warhols, a star-studded concert

dandy warhols

Are you familiar with the American band The Dandy Warhols? We're sure you are, since they've been around since the mid-90s. If you are familiar with them, we know you'll agree that it's worth seeing them. If not, this is your chance to hear them and enjoy the fresh air in the incomparable setting that is the Praza da Quintana. It starts at 22:00!

Wednesday 27: musical circuit around the New Zone

The Youth Council of Santiago promotes this circuit of express concerts in the 'Zona Nueva' (the local name for the expansion district), bringing together novice bands from the area. From 19:00 to 21:00 take advantage of meeting and seeing their first musical endeavours. They'll certainly appreciate your support, since starting out in the music show is never easy. But when they're famous, you can brag that you were a fan from the very beginning ;-)

Thursday 28: Classical music

For classical music connoisseurs, a major outing at 21:00 in the Praza da Quintana is the Royal Philharmonic of Galicia performing works by Tchaikovsky and Chabrier. Like all activities on the programme, this concert is free, but you'll have to pick up invitations at the Teatro Principal beforehand.

Friday 29: Nik West in A Quintana

nik west apostol This girl causes a stir wherever she goes. And it's no wonder. Do you know many women who are both vocalists and bass players?

Nik West knows how to fill the stage and create unique energy with her mix of funk, soul, rock&roll and whatever comes her way, because she bets on everything and anything. Check out her own songs and covers. The concert will begin at 22:00 and we recommend you get ready to dance and have a good time!

Saturday 30: The very best of Galician dress

dia traxe galego One of the classic moments of the Festivities is the celebration dedicated to the traditional Galician dress. Throughout the day, you can admire the wide variety of models that exist, and can do so at different times: 11:30 they'll be paraded from Alameda to the Obradoiro; at 16:00 they will be at San Domingos de Bonaval and at 19:30 will be paraded to Quintana, where you'll learn more about them thanks to the exhibition insights and the contest that rewards the best costumes paraded each year.

Sunday 31: Fireworks to mark the end of the Festivities in the South Campus

The fun is over until next year. After two non-stop weeks, even the stones lining the Cathedral need a break. What better way to close these tremendous festivities than with a fireworks show. Many folks from Compostela say that these are "better than the ones on the 24th". Well, we're not so sure about that but we can assure you that they are spectacular indeed. At 22:30 go to the South Campus, behind Parque de la Alameda, and enjoy the final night.

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