Camino Francés

Section 10. Santo Domingo de la Calzada - Belorado (22’5 km)

This is the transition between La Rioja and Castilla and León. The landscape is mild, but one should pay attention to some sections that overlap with regular roads. Already upon leaving Santo Domingo de la Calzada there is a section running parallel to a national road towards Grañón, the last village in La Rioja on this Route, located almost 7 kilometres away from the departure point.

Cereal fields become more prominent in the transition to the typical Castilian landscape. The sign welcoming pilgrims to this new region—and the province of Burgos in particular-- is 9 kilometres away from the day’s starting point.  The first village there is Redecilla del Camino, with its parish church of Virgen de la Calle and its Romanesque baptismal font.

Crossing the Reláchigo River, the next villages are Castildelgado and Viloria de Rioja, the birthplace of Santo Domingo de la Calzada, located 14 kilometres away from the day’s starting point. The Camino continues along a path close to the road, crossing Villamayor del Río and reaching Belorado, a town famous for its fur trade, with interesting hotels and services for pilgrims around its main square (Plaza Mayor), which features porticoes in a traditional Castilian style. This is the capital of the subcounty of La Riojilla Burgalesa. Ithas a river park on the riverbanks of the Tirón (a tributary to the Ebro), as well as several churches and convents such as the Iglesia de Santa María, San Pedro and the Chapel of Nuestra Señora de Belén, which used to be a hospital for pilgrims.
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Hostels and Other Accommodation


Other Accommodation

Relevant Telephone Numbers

Oficina de Correos de Belorado
Av. Cerezo de Río Tirón 6
09250 Belorado, Burgos
+34 947 580 019

Oficina de Turismo de Belorado
Plaza Mayor 1
09250 Belorado, Burgos
+34 947 580 815

Centro de Salud de Belorado
Calle de las Cercas 2
09250 Belorado, Burgos
+34 947 580 660

Guardia Civil de Belorado
Av. de Burgos s/n
09250 Belorado, Burgos
+34 947 580 046

Tiendas Amigas

Albergue Grañón San Domingo
Carretera de Morales s/n
26259 Grañón, La Rioja
+34 941 476 000

Albergue Nuestra Señora de Carrasquedo
Camino de La Ermita 3
26259 Grañón, La Rioja
+34 627341907

Residencial El Cuartel
Camino de La Ermita 3
23259 Grañón, La Rioja
+34 627 341 907

Albergue Ave de Paso
C/ El Caño 18
26259 Grañón, La Rioja
+34 666 801 051

Albergue Camino Santiago
Camino Redoña s/n
09250 Belorado, Burgos
+34 677 811 847

Albergue Cuatro Cantones
C/ Hipólito López 10
09250 Belorado, Burgos
+34 947 580 591

Tips from Our Postmen and Women

“Once you reach Belorado and settle there, the Museum of Radio Communication makes for a nice afternoon or evening visit to seevery old radio devices and military objects from the First and Second World Wars on display. A guided tour can be booked at the tourist office located at the Plaza Mayor. This is also the place to have some coffee or a drink in the local bars surrounding the Plaza Mayor in the shade of the arcade after a walk along the riverbank of the Tirón. In the summer, one can take a dip, though the waters are chilly. The monastery of Santa Clara is home to nuns who prepare delicious biscuits and chocolate truffles, also for sale on site”. Dolores Santamaría, Correos of Belorado.