Crossing Silleda, capital of the Land of Trasdeza, the path is continued along the road passing through the villages of Foxo, San Fiz and Devesa. From here there are about 7 kilometers to the town of Bandeira, located at a crossroads, where you can find all kinds of services and a hostel for pilgrims.
Leaving this town the path continues parallel to the road until kilometer 310, where it deviates to the right, crossing cultivated fields and different villages such as Vilariño, Besteiro or Dornelas, where you can see the church of San Martiño.

From here the path crosses a landscape of eucalyptus trees until it reaches the beautiful village of San Miguel de Castro, where the hermitage of Santiago is located. Here the descent begins through an asphalt track to Ponte Ulla, which limits the provinces of Pontevedra and A Coruña, and which is accessed through its old bridge.
In Ponte Ulla it is recommended to visit the beautiful Romanesque church of Santa María Magdalena, in Romanesque style. You can end the stage in Ponte Ulla or continue for about 4 kilometers to Outeiro, which has a public hostel but lacks services, so it is necessary to stop to get supplies in Ponte Ulla.

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What to do and see in Ponte Ulla?

José Manuel González
José Manuel González Correos Santiago de Compostela

“In Ponte Ulla, close to the old railway bridge, there is a park and a viewpoint, the “Mirador de Gundián”, from where you can admire the river”. 

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