24,8 km

After Hospital de Bruma you will reach the municipality of Ordes, beginning with O Seixo after a relaxed stretch. After that, you will move into Carreria, Mámoas and A Carballeira with the mountain following you until A Rúa, some 7 kilometres away from the starting point.

The route crosses the Ponte do Cubo towards Outeiro, with the church of San Xuliáin de Poulo in a section surrounded by trees. After you leave A Senra, there is only one kilometre left until Calle, and from there you go towards Carballo and the village of Casanova de Pereiro, with the medieval bridge of Ponte Pereira to Carrás. In winter, this area may not be accessible due to high waters.

After 17 kilometres you reach Baxoia, where a long straight road leads you to Sigüeiro, in the municipality of Oroso. This is a satellite town where pilgrims can find all sorts of services; there are also some food and drink establishments along this section.

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What to do and see in the stage Hospital de Bruma - Sigüeiro?

Mercedes del Rio
Mercedes del Rio Correos Ordes

“In Ordes we are proud of the Festa do Champiñón (Mushroom Festival), held the last week-end in April. 

Sigüeiro is known for its 7 rivers and to prove their importance, our typical dish is trout from the Tambre. It is a delicacy enjoyed everywhere and it has its own fishing festival and championship in May. I also recommend a walk along the dam on the Tambre”

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Montes del Camino Inglés
Montes del Camino Inglés
Camino Inglés paralelo al Río Sigüeiro
Camino Inglés paralelo al Río Sigüeiro