Caminho Primitivo

Salas -Tinéu/Tineo

20km Difficulty
Walking by the River Nonaya, you cross the bridges of La Borra and Carcabón and go up the initial stretch. After 6 kilometres, you reach Porciles after going through an area of oak and chestnut trees before you get to Boudenaya

In the village of La Espina, located 9 kilometres away from the starting point, pilgrims can find all the services they need. From here, if it rains, the Camino literally becomes a quagmire. The church of Cristo de los Afligidos marks your arrival at La Pereda, with a wonderful mill and plenty of small villages that make a picturesque postcard.

The mountains of Tinéu/Tineo accompany you from El Pedregal to Santolaya/Santa Eulalia, and there you can see an old manor known as “El Monasterio”, a former shelter for the poor and the sick. The village of Tinéu/Tineo is the final stop for the day. You enter the place through, still with the traditional rural air of old Tinéu/Tineo. There you can see the parish church of San Pedro, get to the Bolera de San Roque, a bowling alley as bowling is the local sport, or to the Paseo de Los Frailes with its ancient trees.

Tips from our postmen and women

Once you reach Tinéu/Tineo you have to get to Paseo de los Frailes and estimate the time on the sundial: a peculiar one with the figure of a pilgrim and the statement “Walker, check the time and continue your walk”. The Paseo also offers some beautiful views”. Tino Gómez, Correos of Tinéu/Tineo.