Caminho para Finisterra e Muxía

Negreira - Olveiroa

33 km Difficulty
This is a long section, but there are hostels in between, so you can choose to end the walk there if you need to.

You leave Negreira by crossing the river Barcala and walking 4 kilometres until the Camiño Real. You have two thousand steep metres ahead of you leading to the villages of Portocamiño and Cornovo. The route continues along a typical Coruña landscape: small villages, pine, eucalyptus and oak groves, farmland...  in different shades of green.

In Vilaserío, you complete the first third of the day’s walk, before entering the municipality of Mazaricos, where you can see the area of Santa Mariña and the dam of A Fervenza. You need to pay attention to the official signage in order not to take unnecessary detours. Corzón marks the thirty-kilometre milestone, and from there you just need the last push towards Olveira and Olveiroa. The hórreos (traditional corn silos) here are set on interesting columns with flat capitals: this is the ancient Galician solution to keep mice away from the harvest.

Tips from our postmen and women

“This area is full of cows, there are many farms. Olveiroa belongs to Dumbría, a municipality keen on preserving the traditional atmosphere of its villages and their cobbled streets”. Alejandro Laguna, Correos of Olveiroa.