Caminho para Finisterra e Muxía

Cee - Fisterra

16 km Difficulty

From Cee there are two different routes to Corcubión. The first one is the historic Camino through the town along inland roads, the other one goes by the sea and is much nicer.

The climb from Corcubión towards Vilar is a short but demanding stretch. You carry on through Estorde towards Sardiñeiro, until the beach of Langosteira. The Camino goes back inland, but you can ignore it and walk along the beach.

Fisterra welcomes pilgrims at San Roque. The public hostel is on the Calle Real and you can get your Fisterrana there. However, this is not the end of the Way, you need to continue three more kilometres towards the Lighthouse (Faro) of Fisterra.

Before climbing towards the Faro, you can have lunch in Fisterra. Shellfish is the king here, in particular the “longueirón”, a type of razor clam of amazing quality. There is a food festival devoted to it on the first Sunday in August. You can climb to the Faro at dusk to watch the sunset.

You need to climb a bit, but it is a mild stretch leading to the best view over the Atlantic you can dream of, with the sun setting on the horizon. The pilgrim has now reached the site where for centuries land was supposed to end, a perfect, unforgettable blend of history and salty air.

Tips from our postmen and women

You cannot leave without watching the sunset from the lighthouse or the beach of Mar de Fóra, nor without visiting the fish auction of Fisterra, the first tourist lonxa in Galicia”. Ángela Rubianes, Correos of Fisterra.