Caminho do Norte

Sobrado -Arzúa

19 km Difficulty
This is the last stage of the Northern Way, which reachesArzúa to join the French Way. You leave Sobrado dos Monxes towards Boimorto through the AC-934, past the Correos office and following a tar road until Vilarchao

Other interesting places on this route are Froxa and Madelos, then you go into the woods, though you will be on and off the main road for the whole stretch. Once you reach Boimil, you know you are almost in Boimorto, where you have all sorts of services for pilgrims.

You have to cross the town of Boimorto and take the road to Sendelle, the AC-0602, for 6 kilometres until you get back to the main road. A road over 2 kilometres long goes to the village of Santa María, almost reaching Arzúa. This town is famous for its delicious cheese and it is also the place where you will join the pilgrims coming from the French Way for the last 2 Sections before you reach Santiago de Compostela.

Tips from our postmen and women

“If you come to Arzúa on the 8th and 22nd of each month, you can see the traditional street market with produce from the area. Besides, the first weekend in March is the Festa do Queixo (Cheese Festival) with tastings of the different types of cheese from this and other areas. We also have eco-fairs, the honey festival... most of them to showcase the large array of wonderful produce found here”. Vanesa Rocha, Correos of Arzúa.