Caminho do Norte

Lezama - Bilbao

11 km Difficulty
After Lezama, the first village on the Camino is Zamudio. You will get there through the national road N-637, where you will walk past the church of San Martín and the 15th–century Torre Malpica. Once you reach the church, the path continues to your left on a detour going through an industrial park and then climbing Mount Avril.

From its Southern slope, you start descending towards Bilbao, with nice views over the city. Bilbao is the largest city in Euskadi, the Basque Country, and its economic capital. It is also the most important city on the Northern Way.

In recent decades, it has witnessed an important transformation both in terms of its citizen-friendliness and aesthetics, after the decline of the steelworks. Some examples of this transformation are the metro and the Guggenheim Museum, an architectural symbol of the new Bilbao.

Tips from our postmen and women

“Walking by the ria of the Nervión on any side until we reach the old town will help us see some of the most important tourist attractions in Bilbao. We can also travel by tram. The streets and squares of the old town will help us relax and join locals for a glass of wine on the street. There are plenty of terrazas (restaurant terraces) and we can either go for the traditional poteo (having a drink while standing) or have a comfortable seat”. Mari Jose Otxoa, Correos of Bilbao.