Caminho do Norte

Cadavéu/Cadavedo - L.luarca/Luarca

16 km Difficulty
To begin this section, you leave Cadavéu/Cadavedo through a footpath that goes through the villages of Vil.lamouros/Vilamoros, Quintana and San Cristuébanu/San Cristobal, to eventually reach the main road. The path goes up to the church of San Miguel de Caneiru/Canero, then through oak and chestnut groves, until you cross the River Esva.

When you reach Hostal Canero, pilgrims on bicycles must continue on the N-634 while those on foot must climb a pleasant yet demanding path behind it. After Hostal Canero, you will be back on the N-634. Before you cross the road to leave the Autovía del Cantábrico to your left, you may continue to the right on the N-634 to enjoy the wonderful view of Playa de Cueva, 500 m away.

After you cross the autovía and go back to the main road, detours continue until Barcia, where you can get some provisions.

A nice spot before reaching the harbour of L.luarca/Luarca is the chapel of Nuestra Señora la Blanca and its cemetery with a view. L.Luarca/Luarca is your destination for the day, a beautiful fishing village surrounded by mountains at the mouth of the River Negro. A walk around the fishing area of Cambaral and Pescadería is highly recommended, as well as visiting its churches, such as the one of Santa Eulalia. 

In Luarca, you will find a rather peculiar museum, the Museo del Calamar (Squid Museum) where you can see some giant squid and other creatures found all over the world. The Parque de la Vida in La Mata was created to raise awareness about marine and terrestrial ecosystems. It is adjacent to the wildlife rehabilitation centre CEPESMA, where sick or injured animals receive care. It includes a planetarium and the Jardines del Chano, a 20-hectare garden with a lake and 10000 types of camellias and another 568 plant varieties.

Tips from our postmen and women

“To visit the chapel of la Blanca (Capilla del Nazareno), you have to take a detour and leave the Northern Way (this stretch belongs to the Camino Real). Just go straight ahead at the Puerto de L.luarca/Luarca (the harbour) instead of turning left. Some 400 m to your right you have some nice views of the Bay of Biscay and to the left, the hilltop where you can find the Capilla del Nazareno. Then you have to cross the road to the lighthouse, go down the stairs and get to the Mesa de los Mareantes, where a series of mosaics tell an abridged version of the long history of our town. You may then continue towards the cemetery and go down the stairs to the Carretera del Faro to finally reach the harbour of L.luarca/Luarca”Pedro Peláez, Correos of L.luarca/Luarca.