Via della Plata

Villafranca de los Barros - Torremejía

27 km Difficulty
You have to depart from Plaza de España and leave the town hall to your right towards Calle del Calvario and the church of La Coronada, to exit Villafranca de los Barros through the street of San Ignacio.

This section goes back to gravel roads on the way to El Chaparral to then cross the stream of Bonhaval and access a long straight road. There are some diversions to Almendralejo that you can take if you want to spend the night there, or else carry on straight ahead to Torremejía. In Almendralejo, you can visit the Gothic church of Nuestra Señora de la Purificación, and the Huerta Montero, a unique tomb in Extremadura, dating from the Copper Age. The town hall, also known as Palacio de Monsalud, was the place where poet José de Espronceda was born. 

Torremejía is the smallest village in this part of the Camino, but you can still find all necessary services here. It has two interesting places that you can visit: the 17th-century parish church and the Palacio de los Mexía of the same period, which is currently a hostel.

I consigli del postino

“Located in the area of Tierra de Barros, Almendralejo is still known as a cordial city and has been designated as International Wine Town. We have plenty of wine producers, great wines, liqueurs and sparkling wine. I recommend having them with some of our local delicacies: migas of Tierra de Barros, the caldereta extremeña, the arroz con liebre or the tostadas con caldillo”. Juan Carlos Zamora, Correos of Almendralejo.