Via della Plata

Grimaldo - Carcaboso

31 km Difficulty
Going back to the path flanked by cork oaks you can walk 7 kilometres under their pleasant shade, until you see the detour to Riolobos. The signs for the Camino point towards this village, where you can access any services, and it will divert you for 1 kilometre from the beautiful path, marked with white arrows.

You have two options to get to Galisteo, encircled by a handsome wall made of cobblestones, more than 1 kilometre long, erected in the 13th century and with a nice walkway around it.

The Vía de la Plata continues towards the road to Plasencia, crossing the River Jerte and from there you have 5 kilometres to the village of Aldehuela del Jerte, with the church of San Blas. If you walk 5 more kilometres, you will come to the end of this section, Carcaboso, with several Roman milestones by the church of Santiago.

I consigli del postino

“Carcaboso is a friendly town with nice festivals. The most important one is San Jovite, on the 20th and 21st of September. There are several attractions such as the church, the visitors' centre for the Roman road and the Camino. Towards Montehermoso, you will find Valderrosas, which was a settler village created during Franco’s dictatorship by the so-called Instituto Nacional, a body responsible for the creation of standard villages for social and economic reform. In this case, settlers used to cultivate tobacco, corn and they engaged in animal husbandry”José Gil, Correos  of Carcaboso.