Cammino Sanabrese

Mombuey-Puebla de Sanabria

32km Difficulty
Pilgrims start this long section at the church of Santa María to then join the Vía de la Plata after reaching the spot that grants our route its name as a Camino de Santiago: Puebla de Sanabria. You leave Mombuey through a path flanked by trees that runs by the main road, and then you have to cross the bridge over the highway.

You must follow the milestones to reach Valdemerilla, with 4 kilometres already behind you, to see the church of San Lorenzo. The next village is Cernadilla, close to the route, at 3 kilometres, with its Baroque church of La Purificación and its belfry, which offers nice views of the area.

Once you reach Palazuelo you continue across forest paths and roads until you complete some twenty kilometres and reach Entrepeñas. Here you can find accommodation or else walk to Asturianos, a village with all services, and where there is chapel of the Virgen del Carmen. Some people decide to stop here as you still have another 15 kilometres to Puebla de Sanabria.

If you decide to continue, go towards Palacios de Sanabria, Remesal and Otero de Sanabria, with its church of Santo Tomás Apóstol, where there is a splendid Renaissance altarpiece. Once you reach Triufé, you have 4 kilometres left to your destination: the wonderful Puebla de Sanabria, where you can find history and art, and where you will join the many pilgrims walking on the route who start here towards Santiago de Compostela.

At Puebla de Sanabria you ought to visit the castle of the Condes de Benavente; it is now restored and is one of the best-preserved castles in Spain. You can also visit the church of Nuestra Señora del Azogue, with a human head in one of its façades; the museum of Gigantes y Cabezudos, figures several metres tall, made out of papier-maché; and the Escuela Micológica de Ungilde, a former school in town, which now houses an exhibition on local mushrooms.

Close to the town is spectacular Nature Park of Lago de Sanabria, the largest glacial lake in the Iberian Peninsula.

I consigli del postino

“Before you come to the end of this wonderful section and get some well-deserved rest, you will find the village of Otero de Sanabria, 4 km away from the end. By the road, you will find a majestic sanctuary, presided over by the patron saint of the entire Sanabria county -Nuestra Señora de los Remedios-. The church houses an altarpiece with an image of Holy Mary that lorry drivers venerate as she guards them while they travel. There are also daily masses for those who are travelling on the road, such as, for example, our beloved pilgrims.” Ana María Fernández González. Correos de Puebla de Sanabria.