Cammino Primitivo

A Fonsagrada - O Cádavo

25 km Difficulty
You leave A Fonsagrada through Padrón, where you have the public hostel (Xunta hostel). The path leaves the parish church in town to continue up the slope of a mountain to Vilardongo and Montouto, where you can find the ruins of the old pilgrim’s hospital. You will then reach the Alto de Hospital, where you will be at 1,000 metres.

The route then goes down into the valley of Paradavella, with a dozen kilometres behind, and takes you to the Calzada or “Via Calciata” that goes into the land of Baleira, and the eastern side of the mountain range of A Lastra.  You reach the place of the same name where you can find the church of San Xoán.

The route goes up again to the Alto da Fontaneira, 900 metres high, a beautiful area but really steep, with a stretch called A Costa do Sapo, one of the steepest slopes in the Camino.

From here you have to walk to O Cádavo for one hour. This village is the capital of the municipality of Baleira.

I consigli del postino

“Once you go past Esperela, you cross the Campo da Matanza, a lonely place where Alfonso II, the Chaste, is believed to have defeated the Moors, as remnants of a battle were found here (for example swords, armours and tombs). This moment is reflected on Baleira’s coat of arms, which you can see in the town hall of O Cádavo, with Christians and Moors fighting”. Alfonso Neira Neira, Correos of O Cádavo.