Cammino Portoghese

Vigo - Redondela

15,7 Km Difficulty
If you have already visited the city of Vigo and enjoyed the varied leisure, cultural and gastronomic options that it can offer, it is time to continue the Camino de Santiago leaving the city through the Teis district. From there and until the end of the stage, the pilgrim will cross several locations such as Paradela, Parada and Trasmañó.

These previous steps lead the pilgrim to Redondela. Here you will meet the pilgrims that are walking the Portuguese Way and you can share some "chocos" the star product of the gastronomy of this town in Pontevedra. From here, the pilgrims of both routes will share a path until they reach Santiago de Compostela.

I consigli del postino

“In Redondela I recommend a walking tour along the promenade of Cesantes beach, the main one in town. If the tide is low, its possible to approach the statue of Captain Nemo. These are several bronze sculptures that pay tribute to Jules Verne and his famous novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. This work by César Portela is located in the Vigo estuary, so the divers below can only be seen when the tide is low.

At sunset, you can admire the French-style Alameda in front of the Town Hall or sit down for a drink in one of the charming Redondela squares. One of the typical dishes to eat in the Vigo estuary are the "chocos de la ría en su tinta". In fact, the residents of Redondela are called "choqueiros"”.   Leonardo Cabaleiro, Correos of Redondela.