Cammino Francese

Zubiri - Pamplona/Iruña

20’5 km Difficulty
The Camino leaves Zubiri across the bridge of Rabia and over the next 6 kilometres crosses the villages of Ilarratz, Eskirotz and Larrasoaña, surrounding the latter and going into it through the bridge of Los Bandidos over the river Arga.

The path ascends to Akerreta with its medieval church, the Transfiguración, and descends again towards the river Arga and the bridge of Zuriain, which marks half of the day’s walk.

After that, in Irotz, you can find the Romanesque bridge of Iturgaiz and the river walk along the Arga. There are two options to reach Pamplona from here: a longer but flatter route by the river and through Huarte, or the historic route. The latter reaches Villava, 16 kilometres away from the departure point; Burlada, the bridge of the Magdalena; and Pamplona. This is the first city of the Camino Francés, with its renowned San Fermines festival, and its streets invite wandering. A visit to the Cathedral’s cloister, the Castillo Plaza and the city fortress are highly recommended.

Here 10 things to do in Pamplona


I consigli del postino

“Shortly after entering Pamplona through the Portal de Zumalacarregui, one of the streets you will stroll along is Mercaderes, very close to the world-renowned Estafeta. This street has a remarkable atmosphere in which to enjoy some of the local wines or, as we call them here, potes”. Some of the taverns in the area offer the Navarre chistorra, a traditional local sausage. From here, visitors can go to the bullfighting ring and the monument to the encierro, really close by”. Lolo Menéndez, Correos of Pamplona-Iruña.