Cammino Francese

Section 6 from Somport: Monreal-Puente la Reina

31 km Difficulty
The last section in the Camino Aragonés is a long one, and the first part is full of ups-and-downs, therefore you need to take it easy. The initial 4 kilometres from Monreal to Yárnoz follow the river Elorz and then the contour of the mountain range of Alaiz.

Pilgrims will have to climb and descend to Otano and the Navarra canal, to the village of Guerendián, the highest one in the valley. The 4 kilometres between this village and Tiebas are really tough, but you can take a break once you reach the latter, one-third of the section already behind you.

You continue to Muruarte de Reta, where you have to take the detour to Olcoz once you enter the village. The section continues to Enériz, with already 23 kilometres behind, where you can see the famous chapel of Santa María de Eunate.

The next village on the Camino is Obanos, a beautiful town full of Gothic architecture where the pilgrims coming from Roncesvalles and Saint Pierre de Port meet those coming from this route. The last push will take you to Puente de la Reina, the end of the section and the place where you can rejoin the French Way to Santiago de Compostela.

I consigli del postino

“Puente de la Reina is famous for its Romanesque bridge, one of the most beautiful monuments on the Camino, and one that is profusely displayed in pictures. Puente de la Reina is thus named after Queen Doña Mayor de Navarra, who asked to build the bridge to help pilgrims cross the river Arga in the 11th century. In order to leave Puente de la Reina towards Estella, the beginning of the next section, you have to cross that bridge. My tip is that when you cross this beautiful monument, you stop to see it because it is one of those images that will forever stay with you”. Juan Carlos Ruiz, Correos de Puente la Reina.