Cammino Francese

Burgos - Hontanas

31 km Difficulty
This day is spent crossing a typical postcard picture of the Castilian high tablelands: large cereal fields surround the Camino, which is now a shadeless path with no relieffrom the high summer temperatures. Hydration, protection from the sun and cutting the day short if it is too hot are advisable precautions.

After leaving Burgos through the gate of San Martín you will cross the Arlanzón River and continue until the detour sign-posted at Los Guindales.  Skirting along Villabilla, the path leads to Tarjados, a village lying 11 kilometres from the departure point.

Very close by you can find Rabé de las Calzadas and after that, the fountain of Praotorre, an ideal place to take a break. The path continues down the typical Castilian landscape until Hornillos del Camino where only 10 kilometres remain until Hontanas.  Some walkers opt to call it a day in Hornillos rather than press on for the remaining distance.

I consigli del postino

“I would recommend buying bread from Tardajos, especially the so-called “torta de Tardajos” and some sausages--chorizos or other embutidos --to have a nice lunch at Praotorre, a particularly calm and beautiful  place where you can find a poplar grove with a fountain to get your energies back before continuing along the moor. The views from here are spectacular. I particularly remember a thrilled Korean pilgrim, moved at looking at the fields bursting with cereal and being caressed by the wind; they reminded her of sea waves. After Hornillos del Camino you can climb back up to the moor and reach an iron cross, from which you can see the valley where the Monastery of San Bol, now in ruins, used to stand. This is a must stop for a rest. The water in that spring is really cold and pilgrims tend to dip their tired and hurting feet in it as it is said to cure their blisters”. Daniel Peña, Correos of Villadiego.