Cammino del Nord

Arzúa - Pedrouzo

19 km Difficulty
This section leads pilgrims mostly along earthen paths with some forays onto secondary roads, on a course with light ups and downs. The Camino leaves Arzúa and heads for 6 kilometres towards the municipality of O Pino, in a mixture of villages and pine trees and eucalyptus groves. 

The path is clearly signposted and abounds in restaurants and services for pilgrims. The small villages of Calle and Salceda mark the mid-point for the day’s journey. 

The village of Ras brings the pilgrims from the O Pino detour of the Northern Road together with those now aggregated on the French Route.  O Empalme do Vilar, 15 kilometres away from the starting point, is a good place to take a break before the last push to Pedrouzo.* 

*Some pilgrims prefer continuing onto O Monte do Gozo and so cover 35 kilometres in one go, leaving just 5 kilometres to stroll at their leisure on the final day of the Camino.

I consigli del postino

“Pedrouzo is usually the last stop before arriving at Santiago. Despite the fact that the Camino does not cross the town centre, pilgrims usually stay there to take a break and leave the 18 kilometres to the Obradoiro for the next day. There are plenty of places to eat and hostels for pilgrims. Opposite the municipal hostel you can see the house where Luís Seoane, a famous Galician painter and intellectual, once lived.” Mercedes Díaz, Correos of Arca.