Vía de la Plata

Cáceres - Embalse de Alcántara

33,5 km Difficulty
The Plaza Mayor in Cáceres is the starting point for the Vía de la Plata, which leaves the city going around the bullring following a pedestrian walkway. The first goal in this section is Casar de Cáceres, located 11 kilometres away from the starting point.

You cannot leave this village without trying its famous Torta del Casar, a creamy sheep's cheese that is one of the most highly valued kinds of cheese in Spain. If you are not sleeping here, you still have quite a long walk to Embalse de Alcántara.

Going past the church of Santiago, you will walk on a gravel road along open ground. This is an interesting walk going past some Roman milestones.

You have to cross the River Tagus, and from there you can take a detour to the hostel. The dam was built in 1969, at the time, it was the second largest in Europe.


Tips from our postmen and women

“I would like to invite pilgrims to enjoy the first week of September at our wonderful festival of El Ramo, where we all celebrate in the streets and where many visitors come to our town. I would also recommend enjoying some of our local dishes prepared with the Torta del Casar, be it as the main ingredient or as a side dish”. Maria Jesús Vivas, Correros of Casar de Cáceres.