Chemin Sanabrés

Puebla de Sanabria - Lubián

29 km Difficulty
The  Way starts going around the hill of the old town of Puebla de Sanabria and crossing the River Castro, running parallel to it. After walking for 3 kilometres, the Camino goes onto the N-525 to continue to the village of Terroso, past the church of Santiago. 

After 10 kilometres, you cross the autovía towards the village of Requejo into the woods, which make for a nice walk. You leave Requejo in the same direction, past the town hall, and continue onto the main road until Padornelo.

With two-thirds of the section behind you, you will have to climb to Padornelo, 1,300 metres. From here you continue to Lubián, in Alta Sanabria, where you will find the Shrine of Tuiza, a heritage site; the Castro das Muradellas; and the Fraga de Osa, a glacier valley.

In Lubián, during the last weekend in September, there is the romaría of La Tuiza, a festival dedicated to Nuestra Señora de las Nieves, where harvesters and pilgrims alike used to pray.


Tips from our postmen and women

“In Lubián, there is a popular building called Cortello de los Lobos, a wolf trap where people used to leave a sheep as bait. Once the wolf was trapped, the villagers used to parade it around neighbouring villages. Another interesting construction are the “chozos”, shepherds’ huts”. Mercedes Álvarez, Correos of Lubián.