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San Martín del Camino - Astorga

24 km Difficulty
This day starts with a 7km trek to the town of Hospital de Órbigo through some 7 kilometres of flatland, with agricultural fields and waterways, still close to the N-120 motorway.

Over the river Órbigo you will find the bridge of El Paso Honroso, a place once appointed for knightly duels. You have two options here: the historic route, going straight and parallel to the N-120; or the alternative route, to your right, through the agricultural fields towards Villares de Órbigo and Santibáñez de Valdeiglesias.

Both routes join again at the cross of Santo Toribio, close to San Justo de la Vega, where you will have walked 20 kilometres. The last stride takes you to Astorga, a beautiful town of Roman origin, where you must not miss the Cathedral of Santa María, the Palacio Episcopal or the town hall building. Nor should you miss the local sweets: hojadres and mantecados.


Tips from our postmen and women

“When entering San Justo de la Vega, on the hilltop, you will find the so-called “Casa de los Dioses”. This is a roofless stable where sheep used to be kept, but it is now a star gazing spot, a place to do yoga or take a break. In the same village, the Bar Chana offers a delicious Spanish omelette you should not miss”. Manuel Amil, Correos of  Astorga.