Chemin français

León - San Martín del Camino

26 km Difficulty
Once you leave León, the Camino crosses the river Bernesga via the bridge of San Marcos towards Trobajo del Camino, 4 kilometres away. The following 3 kilometres run through an industrial area close to the N-120 towards Virgen del Camino where you can take a break and visit the chapel of the same name, with 6m tall statues of the Apostles on the façade. 

There is the possibility of taking a detour towards Villar de Mazarife to avoid walking parallel to the road. This detour will take you through Fresno del Camino, Onzina, Chozas and Villar de Mazarife. You can sleep there and then go back to the French Way the following day, at Puente Órbigo.

Meanwhile, the traditional route continues towards Valverde de la Virgen and San Miguel del Camino, through a moor. At this point, walkers should stop and review their supplies as there are still 7 kilometres left until the next village, Villadangos del Páramo. San Martín del Camino, after 26 kilometres, is the day’s goal.


Tips from our postmen and women

“When going past the Chapel of the Virgen del Camino, you have to rub your nose against that of the statue of San Froilán, the patron saint of the village, for good luck. The figure is on the side door to the church”. Julia María Prieto, Correos of León.