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Estella/Lizarra - Torres del Río

21'75 km Difficulty
This is a long but rather mild section. From Estella to Ayegui the first 2 kilometres of the day take you to the complementary wine tap and the Monastery of Iratxe, which dates back to the 11th century and is currently uninhabited. There are two options to get from here to Los Arcos: going straight through the slopes of Montejurra and Luquin, or the traditional route crossing Ázqueta and Villamayor de Monjardín. The Romanesque church of San Andrés and the ruins of the castle of San Esteban de Deyo are located in Monjardín. This is a land of vineyards, with several kilometres void of any human settlements.

Los Arcos is a typical Camino village, with its ancient streets, its imposing church of Santa María and its old hospitales (former hospitals and resting places for pilgrims) now converted to hostels. There are 8 kilometres left to finish the day’s prescribed itinerary, so some may prefer to call it a day and lodge here.

Those who decide to continue, will do so through an agricultural path parallel to the N-111, taking a detour towards Sansol, from where the can view Torres del Río and its church of the Santo Sepulcro.

Tips from our postmen and women

“When crossing Ázqueta, the Credential or pilgrim passport has to be stamped at the house of ’Pablito el de las Varas’. Pablito is a neighbour of this small town in Navarre who has earned the love of walkers for his kindness. The Camino runs past his house and Pablito always offers his help to pilgrims, answering their questions with patience and care”. José Mª Martínez, Correos of Ázqueta