Chemin du Nord

Muros-Soutu de Luiña/ Soto de Luiña

16 km Difficulty
The Camino follows the same direction as the previous section, crossing railway tracks and going into forest footpaths until you reach the village of El Pitu, in the municipality of Cuideiru/Cudillero. By the road, you will see the Palacio de Selgas, built by indianos, where there are guided tours to see paintings by Goya and El Greco.

Towards Cuideiru/Cudillero, you will reach the railway station and later you will have to cross the N-632. The highway takes you on a detour to climb up the valley towards the Concha, where you continue along the beach of El Rellayu and the village of Umayor/Mumayor.

The day ends at Soutu de Luiña/Soto de Luiña, a small village also belonging to Cuideiru/Cudillero, with its church of Santa María, which was for a long time a pilgrim’s hospital, and the Casa Rectoral, a beautiful manor now used as the local cultural centre.

Tips from our postmen and women

“Some 3 km away you will find Cabu Vidiu, a cape from where you can see Estaca de Bares, the Northernmost point in the Iberian peninsula. At low tide, you may see the Iglesona, a cave excavated into the rock. In Samartín/San Martín de Luiña, 2 km away, the first weekend in August there is a market and the boda vaqueira, a re-enactment of a wedding of the vaqueiros, an ancient Asturian community who live in the mountains in the summer and come down with their cattle towards the “brañas”, the lands close to the sea, in the winter”. Elena Suárez, Correos Soutu de Luiña/Soto of Luiña.