Chemin du Nord

Miraz - Sobrado

21 km Difficulty
The Camino goes from Miraz along the road to Seixón for almost one kilometre until it takes a detour on a footpath climbing towards the Alto da Mámoa. From here you should go back down to the road 2119, crossing several villages until you reach A Marcela, where you can have something to eat.

You continue along this interior rural landscape of footpaths until you reach the LU934 linking Ferrol with Sobrado dos Monxes, already in the province of A Coruña.

In Sobrado, you can see its famous Monastery of Santa María, nowadays also a pilgrims’ hostel managed by Benedictine monks. The first large building was erected in the 12th century, although its origins date back two hundred years before. This is listed as a historic monument, one of the most important medieval convents in the province of A Coruña.

Tips from our postmen and women

“Coming from Miraz there is a lake said to have been dug by the monks of Sobrado. Sobrado dos Monxes is named after the monastery, and it has a circular trailaround it, known as Ruta de Carballeira, though some sections are closed. There are also two interesting manor houses, the Pazo de Carrete with its coat of arms and the Pazo da Casa do Gado, beside which is the oak grove called “A carballeira da Casa do Gado”. Mary Carmen Varela, Correos of Sobrado.