Chemin d'hiver

Chantada - Rodeiro

25,8 km Difficulty
The Winter Way goes up the first half of this section through lush valleys towards Monte do Faro from the village of Requeixo, where you can see the parish church. On the mountain, you will also see the chapel of Nuestra Señora do Faro, where thousands of pilgrims have stopped throughout the centuries to pray. The current building dates from the 17th century and since then it has been modified several times. This site belongs to the municipality of Chantada and it is over 1150 metres high, a vantage point with spectacular views, it is the point where the four Galician provinces meet.

After this climb, you start descending towards the area of Rodeiro and the second half of the day. The path goes through the lush area of “Fragas do Arnego”, a forest named after the river flowing through the municipality of Rodeiro. After some small villages, such as those of San Juan de Camba, where you can see the Pazo de Camba and its Romanesque church, of the 15th and 12th century respectively, you will come to Río, which was the municipal capital during the 19th century. From there you reach Rodeiro. 

Tips from our postmen and women

“In Rodeiro, on the riverbank, you will find a pool known as the “A Tosta de Gabieiras”, 400 metres long and 15-20 metres wide, a natural wonder used as a river beach. In Río, if you happen to be there on the 15th of any month, you can see the street market with “os pendellos de Río”, one of the few remaining historic street market stands in Galicia”. Ana Agoure, Correos of Rodeiro.