Chemin anglais

Betanzos-Hospital de Bruma

28,3 km Difficulty
You leave Betanzos towards Abegondo, through O Coto and Xanrozo. The English Way moves away from the coast towards the interior through Francos, Bocelo and Vilardel. 12 kilometres away from Betanzos, you find Presedo, where there is a hostel and places to eat.

The next section, from San Paio de Vilacoba to A Malata, is extremely hard. Once you reach A Malata, the highest peak in the Camino, pilgrims walk through the mountain towards Mesía to reach Bruma in about half an hour. This is the place where pilgrims coming from A Coruña on the English Way meet the pilgrims coming from Ferrol.

At Hospital de Bruma you will find the first hostel built on the English Way, on the spot where the old Pilgrims’ Hospital used to be.

Tips from our postmen and women

“This is the hardest section of the Camino and Hospital de Bruma only offers the old medieval hospital and a chapel in what is today the new pilgrims’ hostel”. Roberto Rio, Correos of Betanzos.