General Terms and Conditions of the Paq Mochila service

When contracting the luggage transfer services of Sociedad Estatal Correos y Telégrafos S.A., S.M.E. (hereinafter, CORREOS) you, the Sender, agree that these Terms and Conditions be applied from the moment Correos accepts the Item, except for specific pacts or conditions arising from the distinctive characteristics of the contracted service. CORREOS may use its own staff to perform the services or subcontract part of them.


CORREOS reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions. The valid version of these terms shall be published on the Camino con Correos website, ( CORREOS will inform the client of said change.


Paq Mochila

A. Characteristics: It is a service offered by CORREOS for transporting rucksacks and suitcases to your accommodation along the Camino. Your rucksacks or suitcases are collected first thing in the morning from the accommodation indicated and delivered before 14:30 to your chosen hostel, hotel or lodging for the next stage. That way you can travel along the Camino de Santiago unburdened by your luggage. Further information on this service is available at

Items must not exceed 20 kg and transfers must be less than 60 km/day. The maximum dimensions of the item correspond to the sum of the length, height and width and must not exceed 210 cm, and the longest measurement must not exceed 120 cm.


B. Contracting: There are 3 ways to contract the Paq Mochila service offered by CORREOS: online, by e-mail or telephone.

You can contract the Paq Mochila service online at , by calling +34 683 44 00 22 or sending an e-mail to up until 21:00h of the day prior to the luggage transfer, stating at least the collection and delivery addresses, your name and your phone contact number. You must leave your luggage ready to be picked up in the reception area of your accommodation before 08:00h on the collection day.

You must ensure that the content of the item is acceptable for transport by CORREOS and that it is correctly identified (with the label that must be attached to the luggage or rucksack) and properly packed so that CORREOS can safely transport and handle it carefully, assuming all responsibilities that may derive from non-compliance. You are also responsible for inserting the correct and accurate details of the sender, receiver, contracted services and shipment in the corresponding documents.

Items will be collected from available drop-off points at the accommodation of your choice.

Objects tied to or hanging from your luggage are not accepted. All objects to be transported must be properly packed and placed inside your luggage. Objects that are not in luggage format (rucksack or suitcase) are not accepted.

This Paq Mochila service does not entitle you to book a room in the accommodation to which it is sent.

To contract the Paq Mochila service, you must be over 18 years of age, or a legal entity such as a Travel Agency.

If you make any change to your itinerary that affects the final destination of the rucksack, you must notify Correos by phone or e-mail indicating the change before 21:00h of the day prior to the luggage transfer. Failure to mention the changes (such as the change of accommodation, collection or delivery points or date of the transfers) means losing the service you have already paid for, without being entitled to a refund.

Correos does not take responsibility for lost or stolen luggage once it is delivered at the establishments indicated by the client.


C. Service Operation: You can book the service either online, by e-mail or telephone and you will be automatically given the corresponding booking code. You can check the dates on which this service is available at

Correos collects and delivers your luggage at the establishments you choose, except in the case the establishment refuses to do so. Luggage must be ready for collection in the reception area of the accommodation at 08:00h and will be delivered to its destination before 14:30h. It will be collected and delivered without you having to be present or having to sign any document. If the destination establishment refuses to collect or oversee the luggage, Correos will contact you to agree where it is to be delivered.

Each item of luggage has a single Booking Code that is attached along with the Correos Paq Mochila label on the first day of the service.


D. Price and billing: The price includes a single bag of a maximum of 20 kg and shipping between stages less than 25 km apart. If the stage exceeds this distance, the price is proportional to the equivalent number of stages (if you want to make a daily journey of 50 km you will be charged 2 stages, or 60 km you will be charged 3 stages rounded upwards). The maximum distance is 60 km/day.   

The final price of the contracted service, which appears on this website, includes any type of indirect tax applicable.

Payment is made in advance be by bank card or PayPal if you book online, and by transfer or cash if you book by phone or e-mail.

When you contract and pay for the service online, Correos issues a full invoice that will be sent to you by e-mail and, when you contract by phone or e-mail, Correos will consequently issue a simplified invoice when payment is made. If you want a full invoice for the service, you must expressly request it by calling +34 683 44 00 22 or sending an e-mail to

Acceptance of these general terms and conditions expressly authorises Correos to issue these invoices in electronic format.


E. Delivery time: Your luggage will be delivered to your next place of accommodation before 14:30h on the same day as it is collected.

F. Claims: Correos will not accept any responsibility for fragile, valuable or perishable objects or luggage, or objects inside inappropriate packaging.

  • The regulations established in the Ley de Contrato de Transporte Terrestre de Mercancías [Inland Freight Forwarding Contract Law] will be applicable to your right to a claim and payment of compensation. The client is entitled to receive full compensation from Correos, except for cases of force majeure, for any loss or damage, theft, destruction or damaged luggage sent in accordance with article 57 of Law 15/2009, of 11 November, regarding Inland Freight Transport Contracts.
  • Claims will be made following the procedure provided for below.

Correos reserves the right to recover the luggage for its inspection and assessment, so the client must have the damaged items available until the claim is settled in full.

  • The client is not entitled to compensation for damage caused by use (scratches, unstitching, etc.), or damages or flaws in any of the protruding parts of the luggage due to its use.
  • The client is entitled to compensation of the maximum transport price for losses incurred for any delay over 2 hours in the delivery  attributable to Correos.
  • Claim procedure: to make a claim for any of the above reasons, you must:
  1. Send an e-mail to or call +34 683 44 00 22, explaining what happened within 24 hours of the occurrence of the incident.
  2. You must report any theft or misplacement by e-mail to the competent authorities and attach the corresponding proof of purchase within 10 calendar days of its occurrence.
  3. For serious damage, you must send an e-mail containing photographs of the flaw, proof of purchase, certificate of irreparability of the luggage issued by a professional and an estimate of the cost of the damaged items within 10 calendar days of making the booking.


G. Service Cancellation: If you decide to cancel the service, you must call +34 683 44 00 22 or send an e-mail to no later than 21:00h of the day prior to the luggage transfer. In this case, cancellation will be free of charge. If you request cancellation after the time limit established, you will incur in a penalty of the maximum cost of the booking paid in the service contract.

H. Exclusion of liability: Correos does not take responsibility for the damages and losses suffered during transport and until delivery due to unforeseen circumstances, force majeure or the nature and inherent defect of items. If the rucksack or luggage contains perishable products, you will not be compensated for the loss or deterioration thereof if delivered within the guaranteed period. Correos will not pay any compensation when the shipment is among those excluded from circulation by the former due to their content which could be considered forbidden, in accordance with the applicable regulations or whose transport is subject to special requirements or provisions. Nor will it be paid for consequential or extraordinary damages, or for loss of profit or any other indirect loss arising from loss, damage, delay, incorrect delivery or non-delivery of your rucksack/suitcase.


Data protection

In compliance with the applicable regulations on the protection of personal data, please note that your personal data will be processed by the Sociedad Estatal Correos y Telégrafos S.A (hereinafter, “Correos”) with CIF A-83052407 and registered office at Vía Dublin nº 7 (Campo de las Naciones) 28070 Madrid (Spain) in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Policy.

Law and jurisdiction

The Spanish law will be applicable as well as the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of the regional capital of the location where luggage is dropped off.

Request information on the transport of your luggage at any post office, by calling +34 683 44 00 22, or by consulting the website or e-mailing



We transfer your rucksack

So that you can travel light along the Camino de Santiago


We transfer your rucksack or suitcase from your accommodation at one stage to the next!! This way, your walk is more comfortable, your bag is lighter and you can enjoy every step of the Camino. We will take your luggage every day to your next hostel or hotel.


Bicycle transportation services 

We send your bicycle to your starting or finishing point


Decide where you want to start the Camino and we will send your bicycle there from any branch of Correos. Once you finish the Camino de Santiago you can go to the nearest post office and send it back home again. Your bicycle will be insured and we package your bike without disassembling it.


Luggage transfer

For everything you want in or out of your rucksack 


With our Paq Peregrino you can send suitcases or parcels to any point along the Camino (hostels, hotels, branches of Correos, etc) so that you have your personal belongings when you arrive. You can therefore have extra clothes or other items and not only the ones you carry along the Way. You can also send back whatever you have in your daily rucksack that you no longer need.


Prepaid Card

So that you have nothing to worry about other than just enjoying the Camino 


Correos offers a prepaid card that is not linked to a bank account. In this way, you can defort walk the Camino without taking your credit or debit cards with you. You only have to put the money on the card that you are going to need and then top up again if your balance is low. This is a simple, safe and comfortable way of taking your money along the Camino.



Stamping Your Credential

So that you have the best stamps on your Pilgrim's Passport 

Branches of Correos along the Camino de Santiago stamp your Credential or Pilgrim's Passport with our special stamps. Many of these stamps represent important tourist attractions from that particular place to help you remember your jorney.



Sending parcels along the Camino de Santiago 

Send your parcels without having to go along to a branch of Correos!


You can send a parcel from any of the over one-hundred branches of CORREOS located along the Camino de Santiago and additionally from some of our “Tiendas Amigas del Camino”, a network of shops and accommodation from where you can send parcels any time of the day. This service will help you to get rid of things from your luggage that you no longer need. You can also buy souvenirs or some typical products without having to worry about carrying them with you. 



Lockers in Santiago

So that you can freely visit the Cathedral or enjoy the city

Our Pilgrim's Office at Rúa do Franco, 150 metres from the Plaza del Obradoiro, has lockers. You can leave your rucksack, suitcase, bike or trekking pole before you go into the Cathedral or you can wander around Santiago without having to worry about your luggage.


Correos Branches

To help you with anything you may need 


We have over 150 branches of Correos along all the Caminos. We will be delighted to welcome you and help you with anything you need.