Vía de la Plata

Aldeanueva del Camino - La Calzada de Béjar

22 km Difficulty
Retracing your steps, you have to cross again Garganta Buitrera and walk past the church of San Servando onto the N-630. You have to go around the A-66 and walk on the main road past the camping of Las Cañadas until the Camino takes you to Baños de Montemayor.

This beautiful village gets its name from the old Roman baths that you can still see today in the Museum of the Antiguo Balneario. If you want to really relax, you may enjoy some time at the spa.

Those who wish to continue walking have to leave Baños and Extremadura and enter Castilla León through Puerto de Béjar. The road goes over the River Cuerpo de Hombre, over the bridge of La Magdalena, where you have 5 kilometres left to La Calzada de Béjar, a small village with arcades and a Roman fortress built to protect travellers and merchants.

Tips from our postmen and women

“When you get to Baños de Montemayor, going up the Calle de las Eras, there is a square where you can still find wicker artisans. The village used to have plenty of such artisans working with chestnut wood, although their numbers are dwindling. In the past, the village used to be divided into two by the River Baños, one part belonged to the Iglesia de Arriba (Santa María or Upper Church), and the other one to the lower church. Each one belonged to a different bishopric. Its spas and beautiful landscapes make this one of the tourist hotspots in Extremadura and we rank as the third town in numbers of beds in Extremadura”. Alfredo Ramos, Correos of Baños de Montemayor

“Some eight km away from Calzada de Béjar you will find the village of Horcajo de Montemayor, with a flour mill that you can visit and see the original machinery and tools used for milling cereal. A little bit further away, there are two medieval tombs carved in stone”. Eva de la Fuente, Correos of Béjar.