Jakobsweg nach Fisterra und Muxía

Santiago de Compostela - Negreira

21 km Difficulty
Departure from Santiago de Compostela starts, as could be expected, at the Praza do Obradoiro. Between the Hostal dos Reis Católicos and the Pazo de Raxoi you will find the rúa das Hortas. This street leads to the neighbourhood of San Lourenzo, of low houses and a “carballeira” (oak tree grove). Once you cross the river Sarela, lush greenery wins over stone.

The route goes through the villages of Figueiras and Villestro towards the Alto do Veto, with over 8 kilometres behind. Here you enter the municipality of Ames, the place where Galician writer Rosalía de Castro was born and capital of the Val da Maía. In Aguapesada, 12 kilometres away from the starting point, you will face a strenuous climb towards Trasmonte.

Pontemaceira welcomes pilgrims with spectacular views: the river Tambre and its medieval bridge links the municipalities of Ames and Negreira. There is a road leading towards Chancela and Negreira, with its Pazo del Cotón marking the end of the day’s walk.

Tips from our postmen and women

In Negreira, there is a sculpture honouring pilgrims and another honouring rural women. By the Pazo de Cotón there is a sculpture honouring migrants. There is also a nice riverside walk leading to the Refugio de Pescadores (angler’s cabin) of Cobas”. Julia Seijo, Correos of Negreira.