Camino Sanabrés

Cea - A Laxe

30,5 km Difficulty
You will find a crossroads behind the Clock Tower, you have to take a left and then take the OU-406 towards Oseira*. You will leave the path in Cotela to go to Piñor and O Reino.

You have to cross the AG-53 that links Ourense with Santiago and enter the province of Pontevedra with the sole company of the landscape. You then go down to Castro Dozón.

* This is the straight path but you can take an alternative route to Oseira, a beautiful monastery, adding some extra 4 kilometres to the section. You leave Cea through the same crossroads but you have to go straight ahead and walk past the village of Silvaboa until you reach Pielas. The Monastery of Santa María de Oseira was erected in the 12th century and there are around a dozen Trappist monks still living here. You may visit its wonderful cloisters and you can sleep over there as they have a pilgrims' hostel.

From the monastery you have to continue past Vilarello, Carbadeliña and A Gouxa, already in the province of Pontevedra, less than two kilometres away from Dozón.

You leave Dozón through a tar road parallel to the N-525 and past the church of San Salvador. You walk 4 kilometres through paths close to the main road until you enter the municipality of Lalín.

You have to go past the hamlets of Puxallos and Pontenoufe, to cross the River Asneiro and reach A Xesta. Greenery and rural landscapes surround the Camino, which goes through Botos and Doisón, where you can find all services. The village of A Laxe offers a pilgrims' hostel for those who decide to call it a day here.

Others prefer to leave the Camino and approach Lalín, the geographical centre of Galicia, where you can find all services.

Tips from our postmen and women

“If you happen to go past A Gouxa on the 11th of any month, there is a street market with “pulpeiras”. This is a traditional market and you can still see the 18th-century market stalls called “pendellos”. Inés Fernández, Correos of Dozón. 

“In Botos you will find the church where they celebrate San Judas Tadeo in October, the patron saint of lost causes, and many people come here to worship”Román Villanueva, Correos of Lalín.