Camino Primitivo

La Puela/Pola de Allande -A Mesa/ La Mesa

22,8 km Difficulty
After you cross La Puela/Pola de Allande, the Way goes past the bridge to the left, towards El Mazo and Penaseita. You have to walk 3 kilometres on a path close to the high voltage power line and go up El Panchón; this will take you to the road leading to the Puerto de El Palu. This is one of the most beautiful stretches in the Camino. Going up to the Puerto is hard and you climb all the way to the top, which is 1,100 metres high. The Camino continues along the lonely mountain landscapes that separate the Rivers Narcea and Navia.

From here, there are 5 kilometres to the caserío of Montefurao, an almost deserted village that only has one inhabitant. This is where the pilgrims who instead of going to La Puela/Pola de Allande decide to go back to Los Hospitales arrive. If you walk parallel to the road, you will reach Llago, where you will cross a pine grove to Berducedo, a village with some bars and shops. In Berducedo, you have several options in terms of accommodation: a public pilgrim hostel and a couple of private ones. Most pilgrims decide to call it a day here.

Once you enter the municipality of Grandas de Salime, you go around the Cordal de Berducedo to find A Mesa/La Mesa, a small hamlet of 32 inhabitants with a pilgrims’ hostel.


Tips from our postmen and women

"This section of La Puela/Pola de Allande to La Mesa is where old Roman gold mines used to be. You may reach them from the hilltop of Puerto de El Palu or from Montefurao. Before you reach the dam at Grandas de Salime there is a village, Santo Miyao/San Emiliano, which is listed as a historic site in Spain since 1971”Verónica Menéndez, Correos of La Puela/Pola de Allande.