Camino Primitivo

Grandas de Salime - A Fonsagrada

28 km Difficulty
This is a transition stage between Asturias and Galicia, and signs for the Camino change as the direction now is marked by the open side of the shell, as opposed to Asturian signs. 

You leave Grandas de Salime towards the caserío of A Farrapa and A Cereixeira, with its chapel of La Esperanza. After 5 kilometres you reach Castro, where you will find the site of Chao Samartín, erected in the year 800 b.C., during the Bronze Age. There is a museum at the site and if offers group rates.

In Xestoselo, you start climbing to Alto del Acebo, a strenuous section that will take you over 1,100 metres high. At Venta del Acebo you can have something to eat and continue to A Fonsagrada, where you will have 12 kilometres left through Fonfría and Barbeitos.

You continue descending to Santa Bárbara and Paradanova, but you still have to climb just before you reach A Fonsagrada. The town has several private hostels if you decide to sleep here. The public hostel is in the area of Padrón, 2 kilometres away from town.

A Fonsagrada is famous for its “butelo”, which you have to eat with some nice cocido while on weekends many visitors come to have octopus here. They also have their own sweet, the pastel da Fonsagrada.

If you come in September, you can see the Festa da Xira, on the 8th, 10th and 11th. This is a festival with one day for the horse market, another one for the cattle market and the final day when people eat out at the “carballeira”, an oak grove.


Tips from our postmen and women

“In this section, pilgrims usually stop for breakfast at O Acebo to then continue their Camino towards Fonfría, where they can see the ruins of the old hospital, a beautiful chapel and the fountain. Already in Barbeitos, you can stop for lunch. In A Fonsagrada, you have to see the church and the sacred fountain that gives its name to the place and inspires many legends, for example, different explanations of how water can flow so high up. You will also find Casa de Pasarín, with its impressive façade, currently being renovated to become a pilgrims’ hostel. Close to A Fonsagrada, you should go to the waterfall of Seimeira de Vilagocende, with its steep fall”. Amparo Fernández, Correos of A Fonsagrada.