Camino Primitivo

A Mesa/La Mesa - Grandas de Salime

16,8 km Difficulty
You leave A Mesa/La Mesa through a gravel road going to Buspol and you go down to the river Navia and the dam at Salime. The village that gave its name to the dam is under water. You have to descend 8 kilometres, once again surrounded by a beautiful and enjoyable landscape.

You continue on the road for 5 kilometres with some occasional detours, until you reach Grandas de Salime, your destination for the day. There are plenty of accommodation options here, as well as restaurants where you can enjoy the rich local delicacies. It also has a detailed Museo Etnográfico; the visit is a must as it takes the visitor to the rural and almost forgotten past of the place. You can see replicas of traditional taverns, barber shops, the school, the mill, the llar... all of them with exhibits retrieved from local attics, barns or any other unexpected places in nearby villages; objects that speak of the past so close and far in time. It is a real surprise. You can also find the Colegiata de El Salvador.

In Grandas de Salime you have to choose the route for the next day to Paradavella, in Galicia. Both options are almost equal in length, but one of them goes through A Fonsagraa and the other one through A Pobra de Burón.

Tips from our postmen and women

"When you leave the municipality of La Puela/Pola de Allende, while you cross the dam, on the right riverbank, you will see the arch of the bridge of Virgen de la Luz, a sight worth admiring. Before you reach the dam at Grandas de Salime, in Grandas, there is a viewpoint that was built during Franco’s times so that the dictator could officially inaugurate the dam and the power plant. The power plant offers guided tours some days of the week, if you want to book one you need to call +34985220894”.  Julio Villasonte, Correos de Grandas of Salime.